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Permanent Eyeliner Healing Stages: 42 Days Of Good Healing

Before getting permanent eyeliner, you wanna know all the details, Right? the pros and cons, its different styles, the aftercare process, the cost, and how to remove it in the future if you need to! This is totally understandable! You must have a clear idea about everything so you can decide what to do! There would be also permanent eyeliner healing stages that all people must experience after the procedure.

It implies how your eyes and the pigment will look during this phase.

The permanent eyeliner healing stages can make you feel a little uncomfortable but eventually, your eyelids will heal and you will love how your eyes look all day.

In the article, I will walk you through the permanent eyeliner healing stages, what permanent eyeliner is, what to do if your eyeliner gets infected, and how to maintain your eyeliner.

What Is Permanent Eyeliner?

Permanent eyeliner, also known as eyeliner tattoo or cosmetic tattoo, is a cosmetic method where the PMU artist uses an electric tattooing device to inject the pigment along the lash line under the skin.

It lasts up to 5 years but you will need to get a touch-up after about 18-24 months.

It’s an easy way that makes your face ready for taking flawless pictures all day with no melting or smudging.

Also, there are many permanent eyeliner styles you can try. You can go with soft permanent eyeliner styles or thick styles, whatever you like! However, It’s best to pick the style that suits your eye shape the most.

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Permanent Eyeliner Healing Stages:

Permanent Eyeliner Healing Stages: 42 Days Of Good Healing

After getting permanent eyeliner, don’t expect immediate results as your eyelids need time to fully heal and the pigment stabilizes in the skin.

Plus, every skin doesn’t react the same which means your healing process could be a little bit different than others.

But still, there are some general permanent eyeliner healing stages that most people experience, here’s what to expect after the procedure:

Right After The Procedure: Your eyes will look swollen and you may also experience redness. Also, your eyes will feel a bit sore for a few days. You can drive safely this day and no one would even notice the swelling unless they know you well. You should follow the aftercare plan to make you feel better quicker.

The First And The Second Day: Your eyeliner color will appear a bit darker and the line will look larger. You’ll continue to experience swelling, irritation, and redness. You may also notice slight bruising and bloodshot along the lash line. You may feel a bit uncomfortable as your eyes feel tight. You can reduce those symptoms by using the healing gel that your artist recommends.

The Third, Fourth, and Fifth Days: During this phase, you will experience oozing and puffiness and thin scabs will form. Don’t pick at them and let them shed naturally. The color of the eyeliner will appear lighter and the line will look smaller due to the flaking, but this is normal as the skin of the eyelid area renews. To reduce puffiness and soreness, apply cold compresses to relieve discomfort.

From The Sixth To The Tenth Day: The skin is still flaking. At this point, the color may appear even lighter. You can book a touch-up appointment when your eyelids are fully healed. Keep following your aftercare routine.

After 2 Weeks: The eyelid area will continue to heal and the color will start to stabilize as there would be no scabs anymore. The eyeliner color will be too close to the healed result. During those 2 weeks, avoid wearing eye makeup to prevent infections. Now, you may not need to proceed with the aftercare routine, ask the PMU artist first!

Days From 15 To 41: The healing process continues but the eyelid skin will appear soft, with no scabs, irritation, or even swelling. You may start to wear makeup again but you must use new mascara, eyeshadow, brushes, and pencils to avoid infections.

6 Weeks Later (After 42 Days): Now your eyelids are healed completely and you should visit your PMU artist to check your eyes and you can get a touch-up or change the look of your eyeliner a bit.

It’s important to listen to your body and if you notice that the swelling persists or you feel pain or something doesn’t seem just right, consult a healthcare provider immediately.

What To Do After Getting Your Permanent Eyeliner?

After getting permanent eyeliner, you will need an aftercare plan that the PMU artist will recommend to make the healing process easier and quicker.

The First Method: The dry healing method is more simple than the second method and it suits people who have a busy schedule.

This method requires only keeping the eyelid area dry all day, basically, you will leave the eyelid area to heal on its own.

What you will only need to do is to use cotton pads throughout the day to get rid of excess fluids and dust to speed up healing.

The Second Method: The wet healing method is the most recommended method by permanent makeup artists as it makes your healing process more efficient.

The PMU artist will recommend cleaning the area with a gentle cleanser and then applying a thin layer of a healing gel to the area for a few days.

The Third Method: This one combines wet and dry healing methods. What you need to do is to keep the eyelid area dry by using cotton pads to lift away excess fluids for some days then you can use a gentle cleanser and healing gel as instructed, usually, for about a week.

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How To Maintain Your Permanent Eyeliner?

Permanent Eyeliner Healing Stages: 42 Days Of Good Healing

To keep your eyeliner last longer, you should:

  • Avoid direct exposure to the sun as it will make the pigment fade faster.
  • Avoid chemical exfoliation.
  • Avoid laser.
  • Don’t use near-the-eye area scrubs, exfoliating cleansers, or acne-fighting skincare products that contain acids.
  • Don’t use chemical peels near the eye area.
  • Don’t miss your touch-up appointment to maintain the depth of the color and the shape of your eyeliner.
  • You may need to schedule a touch-up appointment once a year to help keep your eyeliner last as long as you can.

Those factors will speed up color fading which will make your permanent eyeliner not last long enough.

What To Do If Your Permanent Eyeliner Gets Infected?

If the eyelid area gets infected, visit your PMU artist right away, you may also need to consult a dermatologist to prescribe the proper antibiotics.

You need to be extra careful when looking for a PMU artist. Make sure the artist uses sterile tools, performs the procedure in a clean place, and tries the right techniques. The artist must be certified and experienced so he/she would know the right things to do!

Wrapping Up

Getting permanent eyeliner is fun and everything but you must know that you’ll go through permanent eyeliner healing stages then you can enjoy how your eyes look.

This is absolutely normal as the artist is using a device to inject the pigment into the skin so there must be a wound.

So check the permanent eyeliner healing stages I included above and let me know are you willing to try it? If so, when will you get your permanent eyeliner?


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