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Permanent Eyeliner Removal: 3 Best Ways To Remove It

Getting permanent eyeliner could be one of the best choices you have ever made. If you don’t like to reapply eyeliner or recreate the style you love each day, permanent eyeliner will be your savior. But what if you don’t like it anymore or the pigment of the eyeliner migrated after some time? I think you should consider permanent eyeliner removal.

A certified professional technician can do his job well and help you remove permanent eyeliner safely and properly.

So check the best permanent eyeliner removal methods I brought to you to decide which one is best. Also, I will include in this article some FAQs so you can have a clear idea about everything.

Can Permanent Eyeliner Be Removed?

Yes. You can remove your permanent eyeliner but it’s a long process that will take some time and cost you some money.

A professional technician will lighten the pigment in a series of sessions until it becomes completely invisible.

Also, you can ask the technician to remove only the wing, alter the shape, correct pigment migration ( one of the top cons of permanent eyeliner ), remove part of the line, or get rid of the entire eyeliner.

Keep in mind it’s kinda an uncomfortable procedure that could make you feel anxious. Research showed that negative emotions like stress can lead to more pain while positive emotions help prevent feelings of pain. So you need to relax and think positively!

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Permanent Eyeliner Removal: Best Methods To Try:

Permanent Eyeliner Removal: 3 Best Ways To Remove It?

There are many permanent eyeliner styles that you can get but when you wanna get rid of your permanent eyeliner, only 3 effective methods can help you.

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Those methods should be done by a certified professional technician who knows well how to remove eyeliner without causing damage to your skin.

Each method is done by penetrating the skin and it takes more than one session to completely remove your eyeliner, Usually, something between 2-10 sessions.

And there should be a recovery time between each session about 6-8 weeks to avoid problems.

So the methods include:

First Method: Laser Removal

A laser is the most popular method used to remove any tattoo. The laser beam penetrates the skin and breaks down the pigment molecules into small particles so the blood cells can carry them and get rid of those particles.

The procedure must be done gradually, you will need about 8 sessions or maybe more to lighten the pigment carefully without damaging the skin. Each session takes about 15 minutes.

The number of sessions differs from one person to another, depending on the pigment formula, the saturation of the pigment in the skin, and the depth of the pigment. Also, a laser can remove deep brown and black pigments effectively.

How Safe Is It? Does It Cause Pain?

The procedure is safe if it’s performed by a technician who is professional and knows the right things to do.

He/she must use the right laser device that is suitable for your skin tone and your skin type especially if it’s sensitive.

He/she must also shield your cornea from laser beams by putting an ocular shield into your eyes. This might be uncomfortable but it’s essential to keep your eyes safe.

The laser permanent eyeliner removal procedure is a bit uncomfortable. In order to prevent the pain, the technician applies a topical numbing cream to the area so you would feel little to no pain.


The cost of a laser session can be a little pricey as the procedure requires a professional and experienced technician to remove eyeliner without causing damage to the area.

The average cost of every session is about 250$, you will need 8-10 sessions to completely get rid of your eyeliner.


  • The laser permanent eyeliner removal method doesn’t work on red and yellow pigments as it may partially remove them, not all of the eyeliner.
  • You can only use the laser method if your permanent eyeliner is over 6 months old as the concentration of the pigment in the skin can make the laser beam hurt your skin.

Second Method: Glycolic Acid Permanent Eyeliner Removal

The glycolic acid permanent eyeliner removal and the saline removal methods are similar. The difference between them is the solution that is used in every technique.

This non-laser technique works on extracting the pigment from the skin. The artist uses a machine or manual shading tool to inject a glycolic acid or lactic acid-based solution into the skin.

The solution contains also other ingredients that accelerate healing and improve skin appearance.

This solution blends in the pigment and when your skin heals, scabs will appear and take the pigment with them gradually.

Many artists recommend this technique as it’s more gentle on the skin than other techniques. Actually, they consider it the best one for permanent eyeliner removal. And It takes 2-6 sessions to remove the eyeliner.

How Safe Is It? Does It Cause Pain?

You will need a professional technician to remove permanent eyeliner entirely. You know the eyelid area is super sensitive so a certified technician knows the right pressure to apply and he/she will not damage or scar your skin.

An inexperienced technician would cause permanent scarring to the area so it’s important to find the best one.

Plus, the technician will use a topical anesthetic to reduce pain. However, the procedure itself may make feel a little uncomfortable.


Each session costs about 400$ which makes it the most expensive one of the three methods. This is usually because it needs a skilled technician to remove eyeliner correctly and the ingredients that are used in the formula.


  • Glycolic acid solutions contain other ingredients including natural extracts to accelerate healing. Some clients may develop an allergic reaction to those natural extracts. So you must perform a patch test before the procedure to be sure you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients.

Third Method: Saline Eyeliner Tattoo Removal

This method is originally used for permanent makeup removal and it works on lightening all pigment colors effectively.

The saline technique implies extracting the pigment from the skin. The technician uses a machine or a manual shading tool to open up the skin and inject a saline solution into the cuts.

The technician uses a sterile solution of salt to dry up the pigment so when the skin starts to heal, scabs will form after every session taking with it the pigment gradually.

This method is just like the glycolic acid method. You will need 2-6 sessions to remove your eyeliner efficiently. And each session takes about an hour.

How Safe Is It? Does It Cause Pain?

A certified professional technician can safely help you get rid of your permanent eyeliner.

He/she knows how delicate the eyelid area is, so he/she would know how much pressure to apply without hurting it.

An unprofessional technician could cause damage to the area and permanent scarring that’s why you need to be extra careful when choosing the artist.

Generally, this method causes less pain than the laser method. The technician will apply a numbing cream to the area to prevent pain but you may feel uncomfortable as the procedure takes a long time, about one hour.


Each session costs around 300$ and you will need 2-6 sessions to remove the pigment completely.

It’s a procedure that needs to be done by a skilled technician just like the other methods.


  • Heavy scabs will form as part of the healing and the pigment removal process which could cause discomfort for some clients. Remember not to touch them and let the scabs flake off on their own.

Partial Permanent Eyeliner Removal:

Can you partially remove your permanent eyeliner? Yes. You can.

If you want to remove part of your permanent eyeliner, you can try one of the three methods to get rid of it.

The outer corner of your permanent eyeliner could migrate or bleeding dots may appear on your eyelids, you can fix this or remove it entirely easily. This will not usually take many sessions to get what you need.

Permanent Eyeliner Removal Aftercare:

Permanent eyeliner aftercare is a major step that you must do, right? Also, permanent eyeliner removal aftercare is essential to help you feel better.

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The licensed technician will advise you to follow some steps after every permanent eyeliner removal session to prevent complications and get the best results.

Steps include:

  • Keep the area clean and dry for 3 days.
  • Clean the area as your professional technician instructed.
  • On the third day, the technician will recommend using a certain moisturizer to reduce irritation and itching and heal the area faster.
  • Avoid picking at the area to prevent scarring.
  • Avoid taking shower with hot water.
  • Don’t swim.
  • Don’t expose the area to direct sunlight.
  • Avoid exercises that cause excessive sweating.
  • High-pressure water is not recommended.
  • Keep your body hydrated.
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Permanent Eyeliner Removal Healing Process:

After each removal session, you will experience swelling and redness in the area for about two days then scabs will form.

Don’t touch the scabs and let them shed naturally. You can also use a concealer after a couple of days to hide imperfections that appear in the area.

The healing time takes about 10-14 days. Keep in mind that your eyelids must recover completely between each session to avoid further problems. The ideal time between each session is 6-8 weeks.

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Side Effects Of Eyeliner Tattoo Removal:

Permanent eyeliner removal methods are safe if done by a certified and experienced technician.

The procedure implies breaking the surface of your skin that’s why there could be some possible dangers that you may face.

The risks include:

  • Infections: The procedure must be done by a professional technician that uses sterile tools, works in a sanitized place, and knows the right techniques. If this doesn’t happen, the client may get infected. Infections could be mild or severe in some cases. So it’s best to choose a reputable place and a certified professional technician.
  • Allergies: Chemicals in saline and glycolic acid removal methods may lead to allergies. To combat this issue, the technician must do a patch test first before performing the procedure to make sure the client is not allergic to any of the ingredients.
  • Scarring: If the technician is not trained or experienced, he/she may hurt your skin which will lead to permanent scarring. The three methods could cause scarring. However, people who go with the saline or glycolic acid removal method are at a higher risk of experiencing scarring as those methods imply opening up the skin with a device.

Those problems won’t happen if you pick the right place and the best technician that knows exactly what to do!


  1. Is Eyeliner Tattoo Removal Painful?

    Permanent eyeliner removal can hurt, the pain that causes is similar to the pain of a sunburn. A licensed professional technician can make the procedure a lot easier as he/she will use a numbing cream to minimize discomfort and reduce pain.

  2. How Much Does It Cost To Remove Permanent Eyeliner?

    Permanent eyeliner removal is a pretty pricey procedure, It ranges from 200-400$ per session. Usually, it takes about 6-8 or maybe more sessions for total removal.

  3. How Can I Remove Permanent Eyeliner At Home?

    It’s impossible to remove permanent eyeliner at home but there’re some factors that can lighten the pigment a bit. Regular exfoliation, ocean or pool water, or exposure to direct sunlight without protection can make the pigment fade after a while.
    Also, using products that contain retinol can lead to pigment fading and make your permanent eyeliner tattoo appear lighter.

  4. Will Permanent Makeup Fade Completely?

    Usually, permanent makeup starts to fade after about a year or a year or a half. And after about 2-3 years your permanent makeup will disappear from the skin completely if you don’t have a touch-up.

The Bottom Line

Permanent eyeliner removal can be done effectively when you pick the right method that suits you.

Also, choosing a licensed and experienced technician who is aware of all the possible risks can help a lot in keeping the area not damaged and scar-free.

So check the methods above and let me know which one you think is the best!


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