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Do you wanna write for us (The Nfrw)? I’d love to collaborate with talented qualified beauty writers. On thenfrw.com I provide my readers with well-written scientific-based articles so they would feel more educated and empowered after reading any of the articles. So I expect the same from you or I won’t publish your piece as I’m always looking for giving the best possible experience to my readers.

Guidelines To Follow If You Wanna Write For Us (thenfrw.com):

Write For Us. Thenfrw.com

Thank you for your interest in writing for the blog, I am happy to work with you. I wanna provide my readers with the best content while helping other authors gain exposure.

So if you wanna submit a post, check the guidelines below first:

1- Content

Pitch your ideas before writing the article so we can choose the best idea that suits the Nfrw topics.

2- The Article

The article must be original and exclusive to the Nfrw. It also must not be previously published anywhere else. Once the article is published on my blog, you can not re-publish it.

Your article should be also distinct from the articles that have already published on my blog.

3- Length

Recommended article length is 1200-2500 words. Longer articles appear to boost the chances of higher ranking on Google

4- Quality

I accept only high-quality content as the articles are written for real readers. I can’t accept articles riddled with grammatical, formatting, or spelling errors.

The content must be well-researched, informative, and provided with scientific-based information.

5- Formatting

Add headings, subheadings, and bullets to make your content more readable.

Avoid writing long blog post introductions ( 4-7 sentences ) and cap things off with a clear takeaway.

Also, short paragraphs are easier to read so stick to short paragraphs that contain 2-3 sentences, Max.

6- Topics

I only accept Beauty, Health, Fitness, and Hair related content.

7- Internal Links

Link to the blog’s published articles whenever possible.

8- Outbound Links

You must include sources or research to prove your point or I will not accept the article.

Also, if you wanna create backlinks for your site or your client’s site, send me the URL with your content ideas then we can go from there.

The links you wanna include must be related to the article topic.

9- Images

You can include high-quality images with your content and you will be responsible for obtaining permission to use those images.

Remember to include source citation and credit your source.

10- Edits

When you submit the article for publishing, I reserve the right to edit the content. I will just fix errors to enhance the reader’s experience and make the article easier to read.

11- Author Bio

Send me an author bio and photo with the content. Keep the bio short, it should be less than 100 words. Three sentences appear to be a well-tested length and can be enough.

How To Submit

You can email me at nada@thenfrw.com or use the contact form if you have any further questions. Keep in mind I will reject low-quality content.

A woman sitting on the floor while writing her piece. Write For Us. Thenfrw.com


Once we agreed to publish the article on my blog, you can not ask for payment or copyright infringement now or in the future.

After publishing the article on thenfrw.com, it’s owned by the blog and you are not permitted to re-publish it without my prior approval.

Advertising Options

If you are keen on advertising on thenfrw.com by submitting a sponsored article, placing a banner ad, or looking for any form of content collaboration please email me at nada@thenfrw.com.

Also, my About page can tell you a little more about me and my blog.

That’s pretty much everything, don’t hesitate to contact me for further information.