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My mission on the Nfrw is to share scientific-based articles about skincare routines, hair health, and health issues in a simplified form.

These articles play on raising awareness about how to have a better healthy lifestyle and how to feel good about yourself so you will be able to enjoy life instead of being anxious or insecure.

Skin articles can help you get glowing skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes, and keep your skin healthy and young.

Makeup articles teach you the best makeup techniques so you can wear makeup like a Pro.

My articles about hair care help you get moisture back in your hair, add shine, reduces frizz, and leave it manageable and lustrous.

Additionally, health articles can aid in helping you live a healthy life and being more aware of what goes into your body.

The Nfrw Means

Of course, you wonder what does the Nfrw means! Well. Nfrw is a word in Egyptian hieroglyphics (It’s a method of writing used by the ancient Egyptians.)

I always have a thing for Egyptology and the ancient Egyptian civilization. So the meaning is “the” is a definition article obviously :) and Nfrw means Beautiful Women.

Women in ancient Egypt used to care a lot for their appearance. They were super chic. They used to wear makeup, wigs, and nice dresses.

And over the years, famous fashion houses find inspiration among what those women used to wear until now.

I chose this word because I believe all women are unique and beautiful in their own way.

And I want to help every woman to know more about health, hair health, skincare, and makeup.

About The Author


I’m Nada,

Founder of the Nfrw. I have a bachelor’s degree in archaeology, Egyptology department.

After graduation, I was kinda lost and Not sure what should I do at that moment but then I decided to start my own business.

It’s not an easy job to do, choosing the right topics, and teaching myself how to write what people look for, and providing a scientific basis for what I’m writing about but still worth it.

Actually, I’m glad I started my own blog and now it becomes a part of who I am.

Over the years, I learned a lot and I become more aware of health issues, makeup techniques, beauty tricks, and hair health.

And now my aim is to educate as many women as I can about these topics so they can know how to take good care of themselves.

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Myrtle Bautista

Content Writer

Myrtle is a journalism major, a social media marketer and is now exploring freelance writing. She’s fond of anything related to health and wellness, and when she’s not writing, you’ll find her doing long-distance cycling, ultramarathons, hiking, or in a local cafe enjoying a good cold brew.