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Permanent Eyeliner Aftercare & Best Tips To Heal Quickly

Permanent eyeliner makes your face ready for all occasions that you need to attend unexpectedly. However, you must know after getting permanent eyeliner, the healing process could take some time so you need to be patient. Permanent eyeliner aftercare is an essential procedure that helps keep your eyelids healthy and prevents infections.

The healing process could be easy if the procedure of getting permanent eyeliner is done by an expert who knows what to do precisely.

So make sure to choose a professional practitioner that uses sterile tools, knows the right techniques, and works in a sanitized place.

In this article, I will include what to expect after the procedure, tips for successful permanent eyeliner aftercare, what not to do after the procedure, how long it takes to fully heal, and more FAQs.

What To Expect After Permanent Eyeliner? Permanent Eyeliner Healing Stages:

  • After getting your permanent eyeliner tattoo, you’ll notice that your eyelids become slightly swollen. But you can drive home with no trouble.
  • After 24 hours, you will experience redness, tenderness, and bloodshot eyes. You may also notice slight bruising. Don’t worry, no one will notice the changes unless they know your features well. Also, the color will appear darker, and the line will look a bit larger.
  • 48-72 hours later, you will continue to notice puffiness and redness and feel tenderness in the area. Plus, your eyelids feel dry and tight a bit. Apply cold compresses to the area to reduce swelling and tenderness.
  • On the third, fourth, and fifth days, thin scabs will start to appear on your eyelids, it’s best not to rub your eyelids, allow scabs to shed naturally. The color of the eyeliner will also appear lighter until your eyelids are fully healed.
  • After 6 weeks (Day 42), your eyelids will be healed now and you will love your eyeliner. You should book a follow-up appointment so you can darken the color or change the shape if you need to.

Permanent Eyeliner Aftercare:

There are some common permanent eyeliner aftercare methods that permanent makeup artists recommend to help you heal quickly.

Whether you pick one of the soft permanent eyeliner styles or thick permanent eyeliner styles, you will need aftercare when getting it.

So here’s what you should do:

First Method: Dry Healing:

This method is the most popular one that suits all people, especially ones with oily skin or who have a busy life.

All you need to do is to keep your eyelids dry all the time and leave them to heal on their own.

You will just have to use only cotton pads or Q-tips regularly to dry off excess fluids and sweep away lymph and dust.

This will help your eyes heal and reduce scabbing. Avoid rubbing the area or picking at it, let it shed on its own.

Pros Of This Method:

  • If you have a busy schedule, this method won’t waste your time.
  • You won’t need an aftercare kit to help the area heal.

Cons Of This Method:

  • Heavy scabbing will appear in the area and the eyeliner color may not look even.

Second Method: Wet Healing:

Usually, the wet healing method is what permanent makeup artists recommend those days as it has proven to be the best method that provides easy and quick healing results.

After the procedure, the artist will advise you to clean the area with a gentle cleanser during the day and will recommend applying a healing gel to the area.

You will need to apply a thin layer more than once a day to accelerate the healing process and prevent dryness.

The makeup artist will also determine how many times a day you should clean the area. It often takes a few days to complete the healing process.

Pros Of This Method:

  • No scabs will form.
  • The eyeliner color will look nice and even.

Cons Of This Method:

  • The wet healing method requires an aftercare kit and you will have to use it throughout the day.

Third Method: Combination Healing:

This method is a combination of the dry and wet healing methods that your artist may also recommend.

What you’re going to do is to let the area dry and use cotton pads to wipe away excess fluids for a few days.

After that, you will cleanse the area with a gentle cleanser and use a healing gel as instructed for a week or so.

Permanent Eyeliner Aftercare: 10 Best Tips To Heal Quickly

Why Do You Need A Touch-Up Appointment?

Getting one of the different permanent eyeliner styles can make your day a lot easier and save you time when you have a busy life.

But still, after the procedure, you will need to book an appointment for a follow-up with the PMU artist when your eyelids are healed completely.

He/she will check your eyelids and you can darken the pigment or adjust the shape of your eyeliner.

Also, if you have any concerns or experienced any problems, the practitioner can provide you with enough information so you would know what to do!

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What Should You Not Do After Permanent Eyeliner?

Here’s what you should avoid for some days after permanent eyeliner to prevent complications:

  • Avoid high-intensity exercises that make your body sweaty.
  • Don’t rub or scratch the area.
  • Don’t take hot and long showers for at least 10 days
  • Let scabs flake off naturally, don’t pick at it to avoid scaring or color fading.
  • No direct sun exposure for at least four weeks.
  • Don’t sleep on your face for 10 days to avoid irritation or infections.
  • Don’t apply makeup to the area for at least a week.
  • No hot tubs or face-down swimming for 10 days.
  • Avoid botox, chemical treatments, microdermabrasion, or facials for 4 weeks.

Can I Wash My Face After Permanent Eyeliner?

Yes. You can wash your face after getting permanent eyeliner. You will just need to be gentle while cleansing it. Avoid rubbing the affected area as this will cause irritation, redness, and discomfort.

The best way to cleanse your face right after the procedure is to use a cotton pad that is soaked up with a makeup remover or micellar water and wipe away your face softly. You can also use a gentle cleanser and cool water.

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A beautiful wear permanent eyeliner

Why Did My Permanent Eyeliner Disappear?

After some days of getting permanent eyeliner, the color of the eyeliner will appear lighter as the skin of your eyelids renews and heals over the pigment. Also, redness on the area makes the color look fading. That’s why you would think the color disappears.

When the healing process is complete, you will find your eyeliner looks elegant and superb.

Do Eyeliner Tattoos Hurt?

Before getting permanent eyeliner, you must be aware of all the pros and cons so you can determine whether to get it or not! You must also know that the procedure doesn’t hurt as the practitioner will apply numbing cream to the area so you would not feel pain while drawing your eyeliner.

You may just feel uncomfortable during the procedure as you would find someone pierces your eyelids for about an hour.

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  1. What Should I Do If My Eyelids Are Stuck Together?

    This could happen during the healing process and it’s normal but if it persists, consult a health care provider. So to fix this problem, you can use a wet Q-Tip to separate your eyelids gently.

  2. How Long Does It Take For Permanent Eyeliner To Heal?

    The full healing process takes 4-6 weeks. After 6 weeks, you can book an appointment for a touch-up as you may need to darken the color of the eyeliner or alter the shape.

  3. How Soon After Permanent Eyeliner Can I Wear Mascara?

    During the healing process after the procedure, avoid wearing mascara and other eye makeup. It’s advisable to use a brand new mascara after at least 7 days to keep your eyes protected from infections or further complications.

  4. How Often Does Permanent Eyeliner Need To Be Touched Up?

    When the color starts to fade, you will need to do a retouch to make your eyeliner look fresh again. Usually, it takes about 18-24 months for the color to fade, depending on each person’s skin.

  5. Can I Shower After Permanent Eyeliner?

    Yes. Of course, you can take a shower after the procedure but you need to limit your shower time to 3-5 minutes max. and avoid exposing the eyelid area to too much steam. Also, avoid showering with hot water and keep your face dry, just wash it at the end of the shower.

  6. Can I Wear Contact Lens Right After Permanent Eyeliner?

    No. You can’t! Avoid wearing mascara, eye makeup, and contact lens for at least a week after the procedure. Those can worsen your eyelids condition and lead to itching and irritation and make you feel uncomfortable.

  7. How Do I Keep My Permanent Eyeliner From Fading?

    Avoid exposing your permanent eyeliner to the sun and ocean water as this can make it fade sooner. Also, constant rubbing or scrubbing of the eyelid area could lead to color fading. And vigorous exercise that causes excessive sweating may make your eyeliner color fade quicker.

  8. Can Permanent Eyeliner Damage Eyes?

    Permanent eyeliner could cause swelling, peeling, blistering, cracking, scarring, and bruising. Also, in some rare cases, it could cause serious disfigurement for some people which would make them unable to do their daily activities for a while.
    Allergic reactions to pigments are usually rare as iron oxide is the safest pigment. However, pigments that are vegetable or herb-based could lead to serious allergic reactions.

The Bottom Line

It’s quite popular nowadays to get permanent eyeliner to enhance your beauty and make your eyes look attractive all day long.

But what you should do after the procedure? Permanent eyeliner aftercare methods will make the healing process easier and prevent infections or complications.

Check the permanent eyeliner aftercare methods that I tailored for you above and let me know which one your artist recommends?


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