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Permanent Eyeliner Pros And Cons: Is An Eyeliner Tattoo Good?

Do you consider getting permanent eyeliner? Many ladies around the world, including me :), find it kinda hard to apply eyeliner daily, maybe due to their unsteady hands or busy life. So some of them decide to get permanent eyeliner as it makes them look good all day and it lasts long. However, some other women are afraid of getting it and have concerns. So in this article, I will include permanent eyeliner pros and cons in detail so you would know what to do!

What Is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup, also known as a cosmetic tattoo, micro-pigmentation, or micro-blading, is done by a pen that contains iron oxide to tattoo the skin and create the look of makeup.

It can make your eyelashes thicker, give your lips a perfect wash of color, or enhance your eyebrows.

Permanent Makeup is also beneficial in improving the appearance of some aesthetic problems.

You can use permanent makeup to even out skin tone from vitiligo, draw new eyebrows for people with alopecia areata, improve the look of an uneven hairline, mimic a nipple for breast cancer survivors, camouflage scars, or hide stretch marks.

Permanent Eyeliner Pros And Cons:

To help you determine whether to get permanent makeup eyeliner or not, first, you must know permanent eyeliner pros and cons then you can decide what you’re gonna do. So let’s start with the advantages:

Permanent Eyeliner Pros And Cons: Is An Eyeliner Tattoo Good?
Permanent Eyeliner Pros And Cons: Is An Eyeliner Tattoo Good?

Pros Of Permanent Eyeliner:

1- Time Saver

Permanent eyeliner can save you a lot of time in the morning as you won’t need to spend about 15-30 minutes each day trying to apply eyeliner.

It’s not easy to draw the wing on each side perfectly. Usually, people can draw the wing on one side perfectly while the other side could be smudgy, longer, or thicker.

With permanent eyeliner, you don’t need to worry about all this, you will just wake up, wash your face, apply your skincare products, and then a swipe of mascara and you’re ready to go!

2- Long-Lasting

Permanent eyeliner lasts up to 3 years which means you can create the eyeliner style that you love once without the need to reapply it daily.

Also, it’s waterproof and smudge-free so you can go swimming and it will stay put all day!

It’s okay to sleep with it as permanent eyeliner is injected into the skin, not the surface, so you are not ruining your skin when sleeping with it on like regular eyeliners.

Eventually, the eyeliner will start to fade maybe after a year and a half but that’s totally fine as you can book an appointment for a touch-up to keep your eyeliner look fresh.

3- Customizable

Permanent eyeliner is versatile, meaning, you can choose the style, color, and thickness you prefer to create the look you desire.

Permanent eyeliner styles include eyelash enhancement, classic eyeliner, shaded eyeliner, and lower lid eyeliner.

Eyelash Enhancement: This technique can darken the lash line and makes your lashes appear darker and thicker.

Classic Eyeliner: This is the most popular technique, the practitioner starts by drawing a thin line on your eyelid and then dragging it out to create the wing. You can choose the length and curve.

Shaded Eyeliner: This one is unique as it combines eyeliner and eyeshadow in one step. The practitioner draws a winged shaded and blended eyeliner. With this style, you won’t have to apply eyeshadow or eyeliner for about 3 years.

Lower Lid Eyeliner: This technique implies drawing a permanent line along the lower lash line. It helps enhance your look and makes your lower lashes look thicker.

So you easily check the styles and pick the right look that suits your eyes the most!

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4- Better Than Makeup

Permanent eyeliner looks better than regular makeup as it’s performed by a professional practitioner that will draw the wing perfectly on each side. This makes your face look pretty all day long with no need for touch-ups.

5- Confidence

Permanent eyeliner can boost your confidence as it will accentuate the shape and color of your eyes without melting out of a sudden in the middle of the day.

6- Allergic Reactions

If you’re sensitive to many ingredients that are used to formulate eyeliner, Permanent eyeliner can fix the problem as you don’t have to wear regular eyeliner anymore!

Cons: What Are The Dangers Of Permanent Eyeliner?

1- It’s Permanent

If you’re that kind of person who likes to change her makeup look every week, permanent eyeliner is not for you! Avoid getting it as this eyeliner lasts long which will irritate you for sure.

2- Recovery Could Be Not Easy

To get a permanent eyeliner, the practitioner must use an electric cosmetic tattooing device that opens up the skin to draw the eyeliner into it.

Before the procedure, he/she will apply a topical anesthetic to numb the area so you won’t feel actual pain. However, the idea of a needle that pierces your eyelid for about an hour could make you feel uncomfortable.

Then after getting permanent eyeliner, you will experience swelling and tenderness in the area for a couple of days and the skin will start to flake then your skin heals and the wounds are closed.

The recovery journey varies from one person to another as each person heals differently but generally, it takes approximately 10 days.

Once your skin heals, you will love your look and forget all about the discomfort and pain.

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3- It May Cause An Allergic Reaction Or Infection

You may be allergic to the ink that is used to draw the permanent eyeliner. To solve this problem, the technician must perform a patch test first before the procedure.

Your skin may also get infected after getting permanent eyeliner, If this happens, visit your PMU artist immediately. You may also need to consult a dermatologist to prescribe the right antibiotics.

Keep in mind to choose a professional artist that has many good reviews and many clients recommend him/her. Plus, make sure the artist uses sterile tools and the right tools.

4- It Will Fade

This point can be a pro and con at the same time, depending on how you see it, Meaning:

  • Permanent eyeliner will fade over time so you will need to visit your PMU artist to darken the line again and that’s a con!
  • When the permanent eyeliner starts to fade, it could a good idea to modify the look and make some changes or just let it disappear if you don’t like it anymore and that’s a pro!

5- Pigment Migration

Permanent pigments may leak out of the thin line that the artist is drawing and the borders become unclear.

This could happen with any permanent art tattoo on the body. Usually, this happens due to improper techniques or skin imperfections like large pores or oiliness.

6- Trends Change With Time

It’s recommended to stick to the classic styles of eyeliner when getting permanent eyeliner, if you tried a super trendy style, it may go out of style a few weeks later.

7- You Can’t Apply Makeup For Some Time

After the procedure, the technician would advise you not to apply makeup near the eyelid area for some days or until there are no flakes anymore. This helps prevent getting infections or irritating the area.

A beautiful woman wear eyeliner

Who Should Avoid Permanent Makeup?

Pregnant or nursing women should not get permanent makeup as they are more prone to infections due to hormonal changes.

People with a compromised immune system are at higher risk to develop viral infections or diseases.

It’s also not recommended for people who have undergone an organ transplant to get permanent makeup to avoid infections.

Plus, individuals with heart problems should avoid permanent makeup. And if you suffer from skin disorders like Rosacea, Eczema, Psoriasis, or Dermatitis, you should not get permanent makeup as it will irritate your skin.

If you’re under 18, you’re not allowed to get permanent makeup.

Furthermore, if you’re allergic to the metal of the needle or pigment, don’t get permanent makeup.

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  1. Is Permanent Eyeliner Safe?

    Usually, permanent eyeliner is safe if done by an expert. A professional practitioner will perform the right techniques, use sterile tools, and work in a clean and sanitized room. You need to be careful so make sure you do your research and find a reputable place.

  2. Does Permanent Eyeliner Hurt?

    No. It doesn’t hurt as the technician will start by applying a numbing cream so you will not feel the pain. Generally, most people report little to no pain while getting permanent makeup eyeliner. But some people may feel uncomfortable during the procedure if they have a low pain threshold.

  3. How Much Is Permanent Eyeliner?

    The cost of getting permanent eyeliner varies from one place to another and it also depends on the style, color, and thickness you prefer. So on average, you can pay anywhere from 600-1000$.

  4. Is Permanent Eyeliner A Good Idea?

    Yes. Permanent eyeliner is a good idea as it can save time when you have a busy life as you don’t have to apply eyeliner each day. Plus, it’s water-resistant and smudge-free. Permanent eyeliner defines your eyes’ shape and color all day long without the need for touch-ups.

  5. How Long Does Permanent Eyeliner Last?

    Permanent eyeliner lasts up to three years but the pigment may start to fade after about 18 months, but you can easily book an appointment to get a touch-up.

  6. Can Permanent Eyeliner Be Removed?

    Yes. Permanent eyeliner can be removed. However, it’s not an easy process and it will cost you some money. You can try saline, laser, or glycolic acid removal to get rid of permanent eyeliner. It takes about 8-10 sessions to be completely removed.
    There must be a recovery time between every session to avoid complications.

  7. How Long Does Swelling Last After Permanent Eyeliner?

    After getting tattooed eyeliner, you will experience swelling and maybe redness for a couple of days (usually 2-3 days).
    Some people may also experience slight bruising. This is generally normal and will eventually disappear. Also, the pigment may appear too dark for a few days then it will look fine.

Wrapping Up

You must be aware of all permanent eyeliner pros and cons before getting it. Permanent eyeliner is a great way to define your eyes’ shape and color with no smudging or melting during the day.

It’s a more practical way than regular eyeliners as you can draw the style you like once and it will last for 2-3 years.

So what do you think of permanent eyeliner? Are you thinking about getting it?


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