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12 Best Barbie Halloween Costumes That Are Super Cute

Have you seen Barbie by Margot Robbie yet? Are you already a fan of the doll? I think after the movie, the theme of Halloween this year will be pink, don’t you agree?

So, if you’re looking for the best Barbie Halloween costume ideas, I have curated several costumes for you so you can choose what suits you the most!

Let’s get started…

Best Barbie Halloween Costume Ideas To Try:

1- Barbie-Inspired Halloween Costume

Pink Dress Set

This vintage-inspired outfit from the movie will look perfect on you on October 31. You will feel a real-life Barbie in this outfit!

The dress is made from breathable material that makes it comfortable to wear. Plus, it comes with earrings, a necklace, a belt, and a cute headpiece. This makes it a great gift idea for her. And it’s available for kids and adults.

You can complete the look with those cute pink heels.

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2- Cowgirl Barbie Costume

Cowgirl Barbie Costume
Cowgirl Hat for Women

Country outfits are always chic, right? They are some of the best Halloween costumes that you never go wrong with.

This costume includes a V-cut vest, bell-bottomed pants with star designs at the bottom, and a cowgirl scarf. It’s available for adults and kids, too!

Another bonus! For a more Western vibe, get this pink cowboy hat.

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3- Vintage Black & White Chevron Stripe One Piece Bathing Suit

Cat Eye Sunglasses
Ankis Heels for Women

Wanna wear something spicy and unique this Halloween? How about this outfit? It’s the original outfit that the Mattel doll wore when first launched on March 9, 1959. Awesome, right?

This officially licensed Barbie black & white swimsuit is available in different sizes (XS-4XL).

To complete the look, get this cute sandal and her signature cat-eye sunglasses. Throw an elegant chiffon cover-up on top if you need extra coverage, Check it out here.

4- Boxed Barbie Costume

Barbie Star Box Costume for Women

This boxed costume looks really adorable and easy to put together. It’s made from polyester and easy to wear. It’s also available for kids and men.

You can recreate any outfit you like and just slip the box over. It’s always fun to mix and match clothing items!

It will feel the same way you used to dress your dolls when you were a kid!

5- Barbie And Ken Halloween Costume

Women's Roller Blade Barbie Costume
Ken 80s costume

This is one of the best Halloween costume ideas for couples that will make you look super cute and recognizable!

It’s just like Margot Robbie & Ryan Gosling outfits that came out in the movie, and already become a fan favorite!

The Barbie set comes with a leotard, a sun visor hat, elbow pads, and knee pads.

The Ken set includes A tank top, vest, matching printed shorts, a sun visor hat, knee pads, and wristbands.

6- Pink Bodycon Short Mini Skirt & White Top

Top tank
Satin scarf

If you’re looking for a simple yet cute Halloween costume, this outfit is the one. The neon clothing items are already fan favorites while the tank top is super comfortable and soft. Plus, the satin scarf will add a nice touch to your outfit.

The skirt is made from a blend of polyester, elastane, and polyurethane and is available in different sizes (XS-XXL).

7- Barbie Halloween Costume For Adults

Barbie Pink Cardigan
White bodycon dress

This Halloween costume is ideal for adults who wanna wear a cute doll-inspired costume yet classy. The cardigan is made from a blend of nylon, viscose, and polyester, and is available in different sizes (S-XL).

You can wear the cardigan with this bodycon dress that is soft and stretchy. Plus, the cardigan comes with those cute pink heart-shaped sunglasses to complete your look!

8- Cute Barbie Halloween Costume

Barbie printed dress

Wanna look fashionable this Halloween? This printed dress will look perfect on you, I’m sure you will receive many compliments!

It’s made from polyester, and available in sizes from S to XL.

9- Disco Doll Costume

Disco Doll Costume
high heels

Are you fascinated with the jumpsuit Margot Robbie wore at the disco dance party from the movie? It looks super pretty and sparkly. I bet many fans are already looking for it.

This could be your perfect Barbie Halloween costume that everyone will definitely like!

The jumpsuit is comfortable to wear and designed with a glitter appearance which will make your outfit catch the eye.

It’s made from polyester and available in different sizes (S-XXL). You wear this jumpsuit with high heels for a more classy finish.

Also, you can re-wear this outfit for future night outs!

10- Quesera Mermaid Tail

Mermaid tail

Do you like the new Dua Lipa Song “Dance The Night” from the movie? If so, how about taking some inspiration from her look? It’s a great Barbie Halloween costume idea.

You can wear the mermaid tail with a matching seashell bralette or top and finish off with a bright blue, wavy wig.

The mermaid tail is made from polyester and spandex and is available in different sizes from S to XXL.

11- Barbie Halloween Costume For Kids

Barbie Movie Girl's Barbie Pink Jumpsuit Costume

Are you looking for the best Barbie-inspired costume for your kid? I’m sure your kid will fall in love with this pink power jumpsuit set!

This set includes a pink jumpsuit and a headband. The jumpsuit is made from lightweight and breathable material which makes it an easy on-and-off-wear outfit. It’s also available for adults, check here.

12- Exercise Barbie Costume

Barbie Women's Exercise Barbie Costume

This one is ideal for those who wanna wear something cute yet practical. You can wear this to your party and also for daily exercise! This makes it one of the top Barbie Halloween Costumes.

This cosplay includes a bodysuit, belt, leg warmers, wig, and headband. Plus, It’s available in different sizes.

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Wrapping Up

Barbie Halloween costumes are the new trend this year. Barbie is the favorite doll of many people around the world, and the hype over the movie made many fans wanna recreate its costume for this Halloween.

They are simple, cute, and fashionable. Plus, you can wear some of those outfits not just for Halloween but other occasions.

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