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9 Last-Minute Sexy Cowgirl Halloween Costume Ideas To Try

Are you a fan of Western costumes? Cowboy and cowgirl costumes are so authentic and give you the feeling of endless adventure.

So, are you considering wearing a sexy cowgirl Halloween costume this year? In this guide, I curated a list of the top Western Halloween costumes so you can pick the best outfit ever!

Let’s jump straight onto it…

Top 7 Sexy Cowgirl Halloween Costumes:

1- Original Cowgirl Chaps Costume

Adult Cowgirl Chaps Costume
Brown heels

Want to look bad to the bone this Halloween? This authentic cowgirl costume is straight out of classic Western movies, it will do the job perfectly.

It includes a shirt, vest, hat, bandana, belt, and chaps. And it’s available for adults and kids.

Another bonus! if you want to spice up your outfit, get this sexy sandal.

I’m sure you will turn heads with this simple yet sexy costume!

2- Sexy Cowgirl Halloween Costume

Sexy Cowgirl costume
Cowgirl Boots

If you wanna wear something spicy this year, you should go with this dress. It’s made from polyester and comes with a hat. Plus, it’s available in different sizes (S-XXL).

You can add a nice touch to your outfit by wearing cowboy boots. Those boots are comfortable to wear and look super stylish. You will definitely rock it!

Plus, you can re-wear this dress or boots for other nights out.

3- Barbie Cowgirl Halloween Costume

Barbie Cowgirl Halloween Costume
Light Up Disco Cowgirl Hat

Are you a fan of Barbie? Do you also love to wear Western costumes? You should go then with this Barbie cowgirl costume. This cute outfit is made from polyester and spandex. It includes a V-cut vest, flared pants with star designs at the bottom, and a scarf.

You can wear this outfit to different occasions as it’s super simple and comfortable to wear. Available sizes (S-XL).

To finish off, add this fashionable cowboy hat to your outfit. It will look perfect on you!

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4- 4-Piece Cowgirl Outfit

4 Pieces Cowgirl Outfit

Let’s go with something more simple here; This cowboy set includes a vest with long tassels, a classic Western cowboy hat, a soft bandana, and earrings.

It’s a classic & sexy cowgirl Halloween costume that will give you exactly the Western vibe you’re looking for.

The good news is it’s available in different sizes (S-XL) so you can pick your size easily.

So, All you need is to wear a T-shirt and your favorite jeans or skirt with this set, and you will rock it! Additionally, it’s a great gift idea for her.

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5- Wild West Adult Cowgirl Costume

Wild West Adult Cowgirl Costume
Cowgirl boots

This is an ideal outfit for those who wanna look wild and sexy! It includes a long-sleeve faux-leather coat, hat, white blouse, waist corset, and brown striped pants. Perfect, right?

This set is made from polyester and is available in different sizes (S-L).

To complete your look, get those cowboy boots.

This sexy cowgirl Halloween costume will make you like look you’re coming out of a Western movie!

6- Wild West Cowgirl Costume

Wild West Cowgirl Costume

Here’s another Wild West cosplay that will look perfect on you! This dress is made from polyester and is available in S, M, & L.

It’s an ideal sexy cowgirl Halloween Costume, It’s what you’re exactly looking for! I’m sure you’ll turn heads.

7- Funny Cowgirl Graphic Shirt

cowgirl shirt
Cowgirl hat

Here’s a funny outfit that will look super cute on you! This graphic T-shirt gives you the Western vibe with no need for a coat, vest, belt, or bandana.

The T-shirt is made from polyester and spandex and it’s super soft and stretchy which makes it super comfortable to wear.

Also, it’s available in two colors and different sizes (S-4XL).

To complete the look, wear a cowboy hat for a more Western vibe. I’m sure you will get lots of compliments on wearing this outfit!

8- Annie Oakley Costume

Women's Annie Oakley Cowgirl Costume
Cowgirl boots

The Annie Oakley Costume is the perfect outfit for those who wanna look unique and chic. It includes a pleated dress decorated with rose print fringe trim for a more cute feminine vibe and a belt.

The dress is made from polyester and is available in different sizes (S-XL) and for kids, too.

To spice things up, get those red cowboy boots.

Note: If you’re looking for Annie Oakley’s short dress, check it out here.

9- Disney Toy Story Jessie Cosplay

Disney Toy Story Jessie Costume
Women's Toy Story Jessie Wig

I know this one is not sexy but it’s a really cute Cowboy cosplay, don’t you agree? Jeesie’s cosplay from Toy Story is already a fan favorite.

It’s made from polyester and spandex and available for adults, kids, and plus size.

This makes it one of the most suitable cowgirl Halloween costumes as it fits everyone!

Get Jessie’s wig To complete the look and emulate the vibe more.

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Wrapping Up

Western costumes are one of the best Halloween costumes that you never go wrong with! They are super simple, chic, and of course, sexy.

Those outfits make you feel like living on an adventure for a while. Plus, you can wear those sexy cowgirl Halloween costumes for other occasions like a birthday, costume parties, fun nights out, or western parties.

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