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Top 15 Cartoon Halloween Costumes That’ll Warm Your Heart

Halloween is all about finding the right costume and having fun all night. Since it’s almost here, have you decided what to wear this year? The options are endless. Usually, there’s a new trend each year, and obviously, Barbie is the main theme now!

But what if you want to try something different that fills you with nostalgia? Well. You can dress up as your favorite cartoon, you will absolutely rock it!

In this guide, I will include the top 15 cartoon Halloween costumes so you can recreate a look from the past that will make every person at the party smile.

So, let’s get started…

Best Cartoon Halloween Costumes:

1- Evil Queen Costume

Evil Queen Deluxe Adult Costume

Who doesn’t watch Snow White? It’s one of the classic cartoons that we all grow up watching. The evil queen cosplay from the movie is ideal for your party this year. It’ll look perfect on you!

This set includes the dress, caplet with attached collar, and headpiece. It’s made from polyester and available in almost all sizes (S-XL).

2- Cruella Cartoon Halloween Costume

Cruella Cartoon Halloween Costume
Black & white wig

Do you want to resemble an evil yet fashionable character? Well. Nothing better than the high-fashion icon Cruella. She always wears the best outfits.

This set includes a coat, dress, and gloves, and it’s made from lightweight and soft polyester fabric, making it more comfortable to wear. It’s available for kids/teens, adults, and plus size.

To complete the look, wear her iconic black & white wig to look exactly like her!

3- Maleficent costume 

Maleficent costume
Maleficent Glowing staff
Mehron Water Based Wild Orchid Face and Body Paint

If you can play with face paint, this cartoon character Halloween costume is definitely for you.

The maleficient costume set includes a black dress with sculpted shoulders, brooch, horn-shaped headpiece, dramatic bell sleeves, and long trailing.

It’s made from polyester and available in different sizes (XS- 3XL). To complete the look, get her remarkable glowing staff and try some face paint!

If you wanna upgrade your cosplay even more, try Maleficent green theatrical contact lenses for only $28.

4- Mrs. Incredible Costume

Mrs. Incredible Womens Costume
Mrs. Incredible wig

Are you a fan of the Incredibles? The Mrs. Incredible cosplay is the cutest, plus, it’s easy to wear. It’s made from polyester, spandex, and polyurethane.

The set includes a jumpsuit with an attached skirt, gloves, and an eye mask. Complete the look with Mrs. Incredible wig.

It’s one of the best cartoon Halloween costumes for couples as your partner can wear Mr. Incredible. Plus, if you have kids, they will wear the same cosplay and create a great family memory!

Note: Plus size is also available on HalloweenCostumes, Check it here.

5- Kim Possible Costume

Kim Possible Costume
Dunes Women's Cisco Stud lace up boot

Kim’s possible cosplay is super stylish and cute. Plus, it gives you the feeling of going on an endless adventure.

This set includes a black shirt, army green pants, gloves, a pouch, and a belt. It fits perfectly, you will definitely receive many compliments on it! Available size: (S-L).

Finish off with these stud lace-up boots for a more authentic vibe!

6-  Women’s Despicable Me Minion Costume

 Women's Despicable Me 2 Minion Costume
Women's High Heel

Minions have many fans around the world. They are super funny and cute which makes it a great idea to dress up as them!

This set includes a dress with an attached blouse, gloves, headband, knee socks, and goggles. It’s made from polyester and spandex and available in different sizes (XS-XL).

You can finish off with those chic pumps!

Note: Plus size is also available on HalloweenCostumes, Check it here.

7- Jasmine Deluxe Adult Costume

Jasmine Deluxe Adult Costume
Women's Chunky Block Heels

Princess Jasmine cosplay is ideal for those who wanna wear something feminine and simple. Complete the look with those stylish sandals and her signature wig!

8- Adult Carmen Sandiego Outfit

Adult Carmen Sandiego Outfit

Wanna unleash your super inner spy and save the world this Halloween? You can easily re-create the Carmen Sandiego outfit, but don’t forget to wear red lipstick and a long black wig to complete the look!

This cosplay includes a red coat, belt, hat, and yellow scarf. It’s made from polyester and available in different sizes from XS to XL. Plus size is also available Here!

9- Wonder Woman Costume

Wonder Woman Costume
Sexy Red and Gold Superhero Boots

The Wonder Woman costume is one of the best cartoon Halloween costumes that make you feel fearless and powerful. Plus, it’s an ideal gift for women who wanna feel in control for one night.

This set includes a dress with clear shoulder straps & attached shorts, tiara gauntlets armband, boot tops, and padded with hook-and-loop closure.

Complete the look with those sexy red boots!

Material: Polyester Available sizes: XS-XL.

10- Dora The Explorer

Short Sleeve Moisture Wicking Athletic Shirts
Biker Shorts for Women
Ankle socks

The Dora costume is super adorable and will bring back many memories and smiles.

The T-shirt and shorts are made from polyester and the socks are a blend of cotton, polyester, and spandex.

It’s a great outfit that you can wear on different occasions.

11- Lydia Deetz Outfit

Lydia Deetz costume

Lydia Deetz’s outfit is one of the cutest cartoon Halloween costumes that is durable and comfortable to wear. It includes a poncho, hair accessory, and gloves.

It’s made from durable polyester and available in one size. Wearing this costume will make you look exactly like Lydia Deetz!

12- Princess Mononoke Halloween Costume

Princess Mononoke

Princess Mononoke’s costume includes a dark blue dress, a white vest with a plush cape, shoe covers, earrings, a headband, pu knife, and armbands.

It’s an easy-to-wear and comfortable outfit that will make you feel you’re living on an adventure. Don’t forget to do face paint to complete your look!

13- Toy Story and Beyond Jessie Outfit

Toy Story and Beyond Jessie Costume
Jessie wig

Jessie’s cowgirl cosplay includes a jumpsuit and hat and it’s made from polyester. It’s a cute outfit from Toy Story that gives you the Western vibe you need.

There are many versions of cowgirl costumes including the famous Barbie cowgirl cosplay that Margot Robbie wore in her movie “Barbie”. The good thing is you can never go wrong with those Western costumes!

Available sizes: XS-XXL

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14- KND Cree Cosplay

Wide Leg Jeans
Crop T-Shirt Tee

Are you looking for black cartoon Halloween costumes? The KND Cree cosplay is the easiest and the most comfortable. Plus, it’s suitable for other casual night outs.

The crop top T-shirt is made from cotton while the jeans are a blend of cotton, viscose, and polyester.

It’s the ideal outfit if you wanna wear something simple and comfy.

15- Moana Cosplay

Moana Deluxe Adult Costume

We all love Moana and her authentic outfit, right? This makes it a great Halloween costume idea. This costume is made from polyester and it includes a top, skirt, and toy necklace. It’s available for kids, check here.

Plus, it fits perfectly. You will, for sure, turn heads and get many compliments on it!

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Wrapping Up

Cartoon Halloween costumes are always the best as they make feel like a kid again who has the time to play and enjoy life more. Plus, those cartoon Halloween costumes will impress others and bring a smile to their faces.

Additionally, the cartoon Halloween costumes are usually modest which makes them suitable for those who wanna wear something more covering.

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