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21 Best Stranger Things Halloween Costumes To Wear This Year

Are you looking for a last-minute Halloween costume? Are you also a fan of Stranger Things? It’s a good idea then to celebrate this year by dressing up like one of the main characters.

It’s an easy yet out-of-the-box idea as most costumes are simple and comfy except for the ‘Vecna’ Cospsplay, Obviously!

Strangers Things costumes are also great for group Halloween costume ideas for friends, couples, sisters, and brothers.

So, I curated a list of the top Stranger Things Halloween costumes so you can pick one of those iconic costumes and have fun all night!

Let’s get started…

Top Stranger Things Halloween Costumes:

1- Eleven Cosplay

Eleven Costume

This is one of the best Eleven-inspired costumes that look super unique and stylish.

It includes a plaid shirt and a multi-colored dress, and they are made from soft and lightweight polyester which makes them comfortable to wear.

Plus, it’s available for kids and adults, so if you’re a mom, you and your kid can wear the same cosplay!

2- Will Byers Costume

Oversized Button Down Shirts
Gildan Blank T-Shirt - Unisex Style

If you feel connected to Will Byers, it’s your chance to dress up like him. All you need is a classic button-down shirt, t-shirt, and pants.

This shirt is made from a blend of cotton and polyester and the T-shirt is made from 100% cotton. Plus, they are available in different sizes so you can pick easily your size.

This cosplay is classic and reminds me of typical cowgirl costumes!

3- Max Costume

Max costume
Panasonic Headphones

We all remember Max’s ultimate sacrifice when she used her connection with music against the enemy.

Max’s cosplay includes her iconic jacket, t-shirt, and blue silk scrunchie. Add to your outfit her signature old-school headphones to complete the look!

4- Vecna Costume

Toonall Vecna Mask
Vecna Costume

Wanna wear something scary this Halloween? Go with the famous Vecna costume and remind everyone of those scenes from the series! It’s the final form of 001.

To build this costume, you’ll need a flesh-printed bodysuit and the monster mask.

This mask is made from latex which is super soft and non-toxic. Plus, it’s durable and super easy to see while wearing. The jumpsuit is made from polyester which makes it lightweight and easy to wear.

It’s one of the best Stranger Things Halloween costumes that will turn heads!

5- Lucas Sinclair Cosplay

Stranger Things Men's Deluxe Lucas S4 Costume
Spalding Outdoor Basketballs

If you’re more into sports costumes, Lucas Sinclair cosplay is the ideal one. This set includes a Hawkins basketball jacket and pants with side strips. They are made from polyester and are easy to wear.

To complete the look, grab a street outdoor basketball.

6- Dustin Henderson Costume

Dustin Henderson Shirt Costume
Dustin Henderson's cap

Are you the smartest one in the gang? If so, you should definitely go with Dustin Henderson’s Costume.

The shirt is made from high-quality polyester and is available in many sizes. Don’t forget to finish off with his killer thinking cap!

7- Jim Hooper Cosplay

Casual Shirt
Baseball Cap

Were you anxiously waiting for Hopper’s return? He loves Eleven so much and is always good to her. If you adore his personality, you can dress up like him this year.

Opt for his plaid shirt and remarkable brown baseball cap. This shirt and the hat are made from cotton which makes them ideal for everyday wear, not only Halloween.

If you’re looking for Hopper cosplay from season 4, check it out here.

8- Joyce Cosplay

Women's Flannel Plaid Shirt
Loose Short Sleeve Crewneck T-Shirt

Don’t you agree Joyce is the cutest and kind-hearted woman? Plus, she is the coolest mom ever who fears nothing and fights bravely.

To dress up like her, wear a plaid shirt, a classic white tee, and pants.

The shirt is made from a blend of cotton and polyester and the white tee from cotton and spandex. Plus, They are available in different sizes.

It’s a simple cosplay that can be your go-to outfit when you don’t know what to wear.

9- Murray Bauman Cosplay

Casual Cardigan Coat
Classic Newsboy Gatsby Hat

Wanna look mysterious? Well. Murray cosplay is what you’re looking for! He has a black belt in Karate and speaks Russian, too.

To look exactly like him, wear a cozy shearling-lined jacket, scarf, and wool cap.

This cosplay is iconic, I’m sure you will receive many compliments on it!

10- Hellfire Club Member Costume

Stranger Things Hellfire Club Adult T-Shirt

The club tee is all about telling others that you’re a fellow fan, too. The T-shirt is made from 100% cotton and is available in different sizes.

You can wear this tee to your next Halloween party and it’s also suitable for daily wear!

11- Erica Sinclair

Erica Sinclair Cosplay

Do you always like the smart and sarcastic characters? If so, You should dress up like Erica Sinclair.

She first appeared in season 4 and became one of the coolest and loveable characters.

Her stylish 80s dress is made from high-quality fabric which makes it comfortable to wear. Plus, it’s available in different sizes so you can pick your size easily.

12- Eddie Munson Cosplay

Harrington Shirt Jacket Cosplay Costume
Hellfire Club 3/4 Sleeve Raglan Tee
Long Curly Dark Brown Cosplay

Eddie is a role model to the younger members of the Hellfire Club. Plus, He is one of the most loveable characters!

To dress up like him, you’ll need a denim vest, a Hellfire Club tee, a mullet wig, and his signature necklace and bracelet. This cosplay is available for kids, check it out here.

It’s an easy cosplay to build that will not take much time or waste your money!

13- Argyle Cosplay

Argyle S4 Costume
Black Wig

Argyle has a super charming and hilarious character. Plus, his outfit is cute and funny. His personality and attitude make you feel he’s a cartoon character!

This set includes a shirt and pants that are made from polyester. To complete the look, get this black wig!

This cosplay is also available for kids, Check here.

14- Henry Creel aka “001” Costume

Amazon Essentials Men's Oxford Shirt
Amazon Essentials Men's Pant

How about dressing up like Henry Creel this Halloween? He is the source of all evil. Although his costume is super simple, I’m sure it will chill others to the bone!

All you need is a white shirt and pants and then you’re ready to go.

This white shirt is made from 100% cotton and the pants from a blend of cotton and polyester.

They are comfortable to wear and can be your go-to outfit when you have nothing to wear.

15- Eleven Pink Dress

pink dress
Edible Fake blood gel

Eleven has many inspired looks to choose from, just like Barbie. Eleven wore this cute pink dress for most of season four and it was perfect.

This set includes the dress and socks and they are made from polyester and available in different sizes. Finish off with this edible fake blood gel to emulate the vibe!

16- Eleven Battle Shirt (Season Three)

Eleven Battle Shirt Costume

Eleven wore this graphic yellow and black print top in a battle scene from Season Three. It’s a stylish 80s shirt that is considered one of the best Stranger Things Halloween Costumes. You’ll definitely remind everyone of Eleven and get many compliments on it!

This cosplay includes a shirt, eye mask, and strap. They are made from faux silk and cotton and are available in different sizes. To complete the look, get black shorts to look exactly like her!

17- Eleven Punk Look (Season Two)

Eleven Punk Look

This classic 80s punk look from season two is ideal for those who wanna wear something fashionable.

This cosplay includes a jacket, wig, and bracelet, and they are made from polyester. Add straight-leg jeans and a black tee to your costume to complete the look!

18- Demogorgon Costume

Stranger Demogorgon Costume

The monster or the Demogorgon is a creature from the upside down. The costume fits Halloween vibes perfectly.

It includes a jumpsuit, flower-shaped mask, foot covers, and gloves. They are made from stretchy and breathable polyester which makes them soft on the skin & easy to wear.

19- Chrissy Cunningham Cosplay

Vobafity World Cup Chrissy Cheerleader Costume
Chrissy Costume Hawkins High School Sweatshirt Jacket Hoodie

If you’re a cheerleader fan, Chrissy Cunningham cosplay is the ideal one for you! Every fellow Stranger Things fan will know this green set belongs to Chrissy Cunningham.

She is the queen of Hawkins High, You will definitely feel special. This set includes a green skirt, a sleeveless top, and two pom-poms.

Complete the look with this Hawkins High School sweatshirt!

20- Barbara Holland Cosplay

Rubie's Adult Barb Costume Top

Barbara Holland and Nancy Wheeler were best friends. She disappeared suddenly and then, was killed by the monster that lives in the Upside Down during the first season.

Her top is super authentic and will bring back many memories/tears. To complete the look, wear acid-wash jeans and clear glasses.

21- Nancy Wheeler Cosplay

Nancy Wheeler Cosplay

Nancy is one of the most academic characters who also has an apparent feminine energy.

Her 80s costume from season four includes a college tee and striped skirt. They are made from soft and breathable milk silk and polyester.

It’s one of the cutest Stranger Things Halloween costumes that gives feminine vibes!

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