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Lip Blush Aftercare: Best Practices To Heal Faster

A lip blush tattoo is an easy way to add a nice tint of color to your lips that will last 2-3 years. However, after getting a lip blush tattoo, it might become a little challenging for some people, as you will go through healing stages for about 7-10 days. Plus, you will need to follow a good aftercare routine to help the skin heal, settle the pigment into the skin evenly, and relieve discomfort and pain.

The lip blush aftercare routine requires cleansing the area frequently, applying treatment, and avoiding some activities that could cause irritation and pain.

In this article, I will include how the process is done, the best lip blush aftercare routine, what to avoid after the procedure, and more FAQs.

How Is Lip Blush Tattoo Done?

Lip blush, permanent lip liner, and permanent eyeliner are the most popular cosmetic forms of permanent makeup that many people around the world get to save time and effort and enhance their natural beauty.

A lip blush tattoo is done by injecting the color into the skin with the help of an electric needle device. This device opens up the skin and goes over the lip area several times until the color is implemented.

You can pick the shade of the pigment that you love. If you want to get a bright full lip color, the PMU artist will pass over your lips multiple times while if you’re more into a sheer effect, he/she will go over the lip area less.

This procedure takes about 1-3 hours and after it’s done, the PMU artist will clean the area and apply ointment to it to reduce discomfort.

After the procedure, your lips will go through a healing process and you should follow the lip blush aftercare routine your artist recommends!

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Lip Blush Aftercare Routine: What You Need To Do?

There are two common lip blush aftercare methods that your PMU artist would recommend. These methods include:

Lip Blush Aftercare: Best Practices To Heal Faster

1- Wet Healing Method:

Your lip blush aftercare routine should start 30 minutes – 60 minutes after the procedure. Here’s what you should do each day:

After The Procedure And The First Day Post The Treatment:

Your lips will be swollen and start oozing, use a clean cotton pad soaked in sterile water to wipe away excess fluids. The PMU artist will tell you how many times you should cleanse the area a day! This step is essential as it prevents heavy scabs from forming.

The artist will also prescribe a lip blush aftercare ointment to use to relieve any annoying symptoms.

You may take Ibuprofen if you experience pain, just check with the artist before taking anything.

He/she may advise you to use cold compresses to reduce swelling. Additionally, after the procedure, avoid eating for some hours and if you’re thirsty, use a straw to drink water.

Days 2-10:

After two days, swelling will start to subside and your lips will go through the scabbing phase.

The skin of your lips will flake for about 5-7 days. You should cleanse your lips after every meal with alcohol-free soap that your artist recommends.

Make sure to cleanse the lip area gently then pat dry the area with a clean cotton pad or towel. Avoid rubbing or picking at the area or your lips will heal unevenly.

After that, apply a thin layer of the ointment to keep the area soft and reduce discomfort. If your lips feel dry and tight, the ointment will help relieve those symptoms.

Once the scabbing phase ends, you can consider the healing process finished and you can go back to your normal routine again. Make sure to check with your artist first.

You can wear makeup and apply different skincare products but avoid using products that contain acids or retinol near the area as this speed up color fading.

Also, avoid going out in the sun without wearing a lip balm with SPF to protect your lips and prevent color fading.

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2- Dry Healing Method:

This method is not recommended by PMU artists anymore as it requires keeping the area dry all the time without using any moisturizers or ointments until the lip blush healing stages are complete.

Your lips will feel extra dry and tight but you can’t use anything to relieve those symptoms.

The dry healing method is not effective enough as it leads to heavy scabs and when they start to shed, scabs will pull out a lot of the pigment with it which will make your lips heal unevenly.

Your lips will look super unattractive and you will probably need to visit the artist for a touch-up to inject the pigment again.


If your skin usually develops herpes or cold sores, the lip blush procedure could trigger it. So it’s best to take antiviral medications a few days before and after the procedure, and you may need to consult your doctor.

Benefits Of Lip Blushing Aftercare Process:

  • Following the routine will keep your lip moisturized and soft which will help prevent heavy scabs.
  • This routine makes the pigment settle into the skin evenly.
  • Using the ointment will relieve itching, dryness, and tightness.
  • Keeping the area clean and moisturized can help prevent infections effectively.

What Should You Not Do After Lip Blush?

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Here’s what you should not do during the lip blush aftercare routine:

  • Avoid spicy and salty food.
  • Avoid exposing the area to direct sunlight without protection.
  • Don’t wear any lip makeup during the healing process.
  • Only use the prescribed aftercare moisturizer or ointment that your artist recommends and avoid using other skincare products.
  • Don’t drink hot coffee or tea as it will make swelling worse.
  • No tanning for 3-4 weeks.
  • Avoid sleeping on your face.
  • Don’t drink alcohol, it will dry out and irritate your lips.
  • Avoid getting toothpaste on your lips, it will make your lips burn.
  • Avoid teeth whitening.
  • Don’t pick at the area.
  • Avoid touching your lips.
  • Don’t kiss anyone to avoid infections or irritation.
  • No hot showers.
  • No swimming.
  • Avoid activities that cause excessive sweating.


  1. Can I Eat After Lip Blush Tattoo?

    It’s best not to eat anything after the procedure for a few hours to avoid irritating the area or worsening the swelling. If you wanna drink water, use a straw to keep the area dry and reduce discomfort and irritation.

  2. Can I Use Lip Balm After Lip Blushing?

    When following the lip blush aftercare routine, avoid using lip makeup or lip care products. What you should only use is the ointment the artist recommends. But when your lips are fully healed, you should apply lip balm with SPF before going out in the morning to avoid color fading.

  3. Can I Wet My Lips After Lip Blush?

    After getting lip blush, the artist will clean the area and prescribe an ointment to use to reduce discomfort, dryness, and scabbing. Don’t get your lips wet, what you should do is use a damp cotton pad to clean the area then dry the area gently by tapping your lips with a clean cotton pad.

Wrapping Up

Following the lip blush aftercare instructions after getting a lip blush tattoo is essential to make the healing process easier and faster.

Check out the two methods of the lip blush aftercare process I included above and let me know in the comments down below when will you get a lip blush tattoo?


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