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The 7 Best Pros Of Getting GHD Mini Hair Straightener & FAQs

I’m sure you’ve heard about the trendy GHD mini hair straightener, right? Do you want to get it? It’s a must-have product that many women are using lately due to its unique pros and high performance.

The GHD mini hair straightener can tame your fringes or style your short hair quicker than regular flat irons.

But still, is it the best choice for you? Well. In this article, I will include all the details about the GHD mini hair straightener so you can decide whether to get it!

Let’s get started…

What Does The Package Include?

Each box comes with a 1x GHD V Gold Mini Styler that has ceramic floating plates, a 360º swivel cord, and a 2.7m cable so you can create the best hairstyles you desire and guarantee a professional finish.

What Are The Pros Of GHD Mini Hair Straightener?

1- Material

The GHD Mini hair straightener plates are made of advanced ceramic heater technology that helps make short hair more manageable. It can straighten hair effectively, smooth frizz, and style fringes quickly.

This mini GHD straightener has smooth contoured plates that glide through hair, making your hair look like you stepped out of a commercial or you just left the salon.

The plates are also narrow (half-inch width) which makes them an ideal option for people who have short hair or fringes. They can straighten tight curls perfectly, leaving them sleek and shiny.

Plus, it features heat resistant plate guard, which means it protects you from the heat once you turned it off to keep you safe.

2- Temperature

Those ceramic plates can heat up to 185ºC in only 30 seconds. This temperature suits all hair types, it maintains hair health and prevents breakage and damage. However, it may not straighten coily hair well.

To keep your hair healthy, you must also use a heat protectant spray before styling your hair to protect your hair against damage, seal moisture, and combat frizz.

3- Versatility

This Mini straightener has a versatile design that makes hairstyling easier and quicker.

It comes with a 360º swivel cord and a 2.7m professional cable, so you can use it to style curly/wavy hair effortlessly.

Plus, this flat iron has a slender rounded barrel for added comfort to help you create snag-free styles, in short, you can use it to achieve the style you desire in no time.

4- Durability

The mini GHD straighteners are made of high-quality premium materials which means they can last for a long time.

Besides, it comes with a two-year warranty so you can exchange, return, or fix the straightener if it broke or it didn’t meet your needs.

5- Easy To Use

You don’t have to wait for a minute or a minute and a half before using your flat iron as this one can heat up in only 30 seconds. Plus, its smooth floating plates help make styling easier.

It’s convenient to use as you can use it for a quick tidy-up during the day or at your desk in the office or bathroom.

Also, its small size makes it helpful for targeting specific areas easily like baby hairs or fringes. And it’s easier to hold than a regular hair straightener.

Additionally, it’s easy to store as it will not take up much space in your bag.

6- Safety

The GHD mini hair straighteners switch off automatically after 30 minutes if left unattended.

This automatic sleep mode guarantee safety, you won’t have to worry or wonder if you left the straightener on or off, I will shut down anyway!

7- Travel-Friendly

The GHD small hair straighteners are portable and more convenient to travel with, its small size won’t bother you, actually, you will be surprised at how little space it takes in your bag.

And it includes a universal voltage so you can use this hair straightener whenever you travel with no need for an adaptor.

Does The GHD Mini Hair Straightener Have Any Cons?

Some reviewers mentioned that the on/off button of this small flat iron is too close to where you hold it so it may switch off when using it.

Also, another reviewer said that she doesn’t like the plug as it comes in a different shape which makes it kinda difficult to unplug from the socket.

Where To Buy The GHD Mini Hair Straightener?

You can find it on Amazon:

GHD Mini Hair Straightener.
GHD Mini Hair Straightener- Amazon

How To Use Hair Straighteners Properly To Avoid Hair Damage?

To keep your hair protected against damage and reduce breakage while using heat styling tools, you should follow some steps including:

  • First, apply a suitable hair mask to your hair to combat frizz, moisturize your hair, and keep it soft. You can make your own hair mask at home, if your hair is curly or wavy, check out the recipes here. Or check out those recipes if you have straight hair.
  • After that, wash your hair with a good shampoo that suits your hair type and use a conditioner to nourish your hair and smoothen strands.
  • After cleansing your hair, Use a comb to get rid of knots. Start combing from the ends of your hair, then work upward so your hair is tangle-free.
  • Apply a heat protectant spray to damp hair and brush or comb your hair after to distribute the product across your hair evenly. This step is essential as heat protectant spray coats your hair and prevents frizz and breakage. Find the GHD heat protect spray on Amazon.
  • Then, let your hair air dry or blow dry your hair. You can also get the GHD Professional Hairdryer to complete the collection. Find it on Amazon.
  • When your hair is 100% dry, use The GHD Mini Hair Straightener to straighten your hair.
  • Split your hair into sections then start to straighten each section at a time.
  • Straighten the top of your hair then run through the strands but avoid straightening each strand several times as this could damage or burn your hair.
  • After straightening your hair, create the style you desire, you can create waves, loose curls, or flip the ends.


  1. Is The GHD Straightener Worth It?

    Yes. The GHD straightener is worth it as all GHD products are made from high-quality materials, easy to use, durable, versatile, and create all the styles you want.

  2. What Are Mini Straighteners Used For?

    Mini straighteners are used for a quick touch-up during the day, style short hair effortlessly, tame fringes, and smoothen tight curly roots quickly. Plus, they are easier to hold.

  3. Which GHD Is Best For Short Hair?

    The GHD V Gold Mini Styler is the best hair straightener for short hair. It’s a smaller version of the GHD V Gold Classic Styler as it has thinner plates that can style short hair effectively, straighten fringes, and smooth tight curls. It’s also suitable for a quick tidy-up during the day.

Wrapping Up

I think I’ve covered all the details about the GHD mini hair straightener. Am I correct? I believe the GHD mini straighteners are the best on the market, Don’t you agree? Let me know in the comments down below what you think!

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