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An Honest Review: Does The NuMe Megastar Flat Iron Good?

I just received the top-rated, award-winning NuMe megastar flat iron, and I must say, if you’re planning to trade your hair straightener, you have to try this one!

The powerful NuMe hair straightener can style your hair effortlessly and help you achieve salon-level results at home. It can give you sleek straight hair and also create soft beautiful curls in no time. Amazing, right?

So, my sisters and I have tried this NuMe straightener and will share with you our experience; pros, cons, features, functionality, performance, durability, and more.

Let’s jump straight into it…

Key Takeaways:

Pros: What We Liked:

Multi-purpose tool.It takes 1-3 passes to style hair.
Lightweight.Adjustable temperature.
Easy to use.Dual voltage.
Easy to hold.Heats up quickly.
8.5 ft Swivel cord.

Cons: What We Didn’t Like:

A bit pricey.It comes with no travel case.
No heat-resistant mat or glove.


One-inch tourmaline ceramic plates.Ion booster technology.
Floating plates.Temperature control.
Auto shut-off.Far infrared technology.
Can straighten, curl, or flip hair.8.5 ft Swivel cord.
Long-lasting results.Travel-friendly.
One-year warranty.

NuMe Megastar Flat Iron Review:

An Honest Review: Does The NuMe Megastar Flat Iron Good?
NuMe Hair Straightener


The NuMe flat iron is available in three colors:

  • Black and rose gold.
  • Black and silver.
  • Blush and rose gold.

It features 1-inch tourmaline ceramic floating plates to help style hair with fewer passes, which means less damage.

Ceramic plates guarantee an even heat distribution while tourmaline releases more negative ions to straighten hair quickly, reduce frizz, and lock in moisture.

Plus, the 1-inch floating plates reduce pulling or snagging your hair.

The NuMe flat iron has rounded edges so you can easily curl or flip your hair, which makes it a multi-purpose tool.

It also features the ion booster indicator that turns green when the straightener is on. Those extra ions and far-infrared technology combat frizz and keep hair shiny and smooth.

Additionally, this hair straightener comes with a large LED temperature display, an on/off button, and up and down temperature buttons.

And it has a long swivel cord which makes it more user-friendly for both beginners and professionals.


We liked that the hair straightener is lightweight and easy to hold and use.

Also, the 8.5 ft swivel cord helped us style our hair freely and quickly as we didn’t have to struggle with pulling the cord each second.

Plus, we adjusted the temperature easily with the buttons and the digital display.

The NuMe megastar flat iron has an ergonomic design which means we have more control and can style hair in no time. (We would give it 5/5)


The NuMe Megastar Flat Iron
NuMe Flat Iron

This flat iron heats up quickly, it takes under one minute to reach 450°F. Temperature ranges from 190°F to 450°F and it increments by 20 degrees.

This makes it suitable for all hair types as you can choose the temperature that suits your hair the most!

What is good about this is you can experiment to style your hair at the lowest temperature if your hair is damaged and you don’t wanna cause further damage.

My sisters and I have wavy/curly hair so we set the temperature at 450°F and the results were remarkable.

This tool can straighten each hair section in only 1-3 passes, depending on your hair thickness and type.

It also leaves our hair super shiny and soft as It’s built with an infrared-integrated hot strip and tourmaline ceramic plates that help distribute heat evenly, protect the hair, and prevent drying or damage.

Also, it smoothens the strands and gives us better styling results due to its ionic technology. Another bonus! It didn’t snag or pull our hair while styling. (We would give it 5/5)


This NuMe megastar hair straightener is made from high-quality materials that help extend its lifespan.

And it features an auto shut-off mode and temperature control so it will not get too hot while styling.

Also, I didn’t need to pull the cord hard when using it as it’s long enough to keep me comfortable. And this increases its longevity.

Plus, it comes with a limited one-year warranty, other brands may offer a 2-year warranty, but still, it’s a great styling tool to invest in. (We would give it 4.5/5)


The NuMe megastar flat iron offers a dual voltage feature (mode 110-240V) so you can take it with you when traveling around the world! (We would give it 5/5)


It doesn’t consume much energy as it reduces styling time due to its unique features.

It keeps your electricity bill under control, it requires only 26 watts of electricity. (We would give it 5/5)

HairStyling Tool
NuMe HairStyling Tool

Price & Availability

This NuMe hair straightener is available for purchase for $199 on NuMe Hair and Amazon, too. It’s a bit expensive hairstyling tool but this is because of its high performance and unique features.


This is my sister’s hair before and after using the NuMe megastar flat iron. She straightened her hair first and then created those lovely curls as shown below:

Megastar Results
Megastar Results

And this is how my hair looks after using the straightener, I used it to straighten my hair and then I created those soft waves:

NuMe Megastar Flat Iron Review
NuMe Megastar Flat Iron Review

My other sister didn’t like showing her hair but it looked really good, too!

The Verdict

After trying the NuMe megastar flat iron, we highly recommend it due to its powerful features.

It’s a 2-in-1 styling tool that can be used as a straightener or curler. And it’s ideal for all hair types due to its variable heat settings.

Also, It’s a snag-free flat iron with ceramic tourmaline plates, far infrared technology, and an ion booster that helped straighten our hair in half time, curl and flip strands, add shine, lock in moisture, and provide salon-quality looks.

The only setback is it’s a high-end hairstyling tool that is kinda expensive but definitely worth every penny.


Is NuMe A Professional Brand?

Yes. NuMe is a professional brand that creates high-end products to satisfy customers and keep them happy. Plus, they use eco-friendly materials and it’s a cruelty-free brand.

What Is Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron?

Tourmaline ceramic flat iron plates are made from a crystal boron silicate mineral that is combined with ceramic. This helps distribute heat evenly and release negative ions that can smooth hair, reduce frizz, and lock in moisture.

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