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Best Tourmaline Flat Iron: Top 6 Picks For Sleek, Shiny Hair

Tourmaline flat irons are one of the top heat-styling tools that are highly recommended by professionals. They can smooth strands, reduce frizz, keep hair looking healthy, and increase hair shine. But still, it could be not easy to find the best tourmaline flat iron on the market as the possibilities are endless. So, I did the hard work for you and brought to you the 6 most recommended and best tourmaline flat irons to choose from.

I will also include in this guide what to look for when buying a flat iron, what tourmaline hair straightener is, and more FAQs.

Let’s get started…

The 6 Best Tourmaline Flat Irons To Try:

1- Sam Villa SLEEKR Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron

Sam Villa SLEEKR Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron.

The Sam Villa Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron is designed by the professional hairstylist Sam Villa, which makes it super special and one of the most recommended flat irons.

Its floating plates have rounded edges that glide through hair to help you achieve a sleeker and smoother look with only a few passes. Plus, those rounded edges prevent snagging while straightening.

It comes with three heat settings which makes it suitable for fine hair, colored hair, and virgin or highly resistant hair.

Furthermore, this tourmaline flat iron produces negative ions that tame frizz, reduce static, and seal in moisture. In short, it provides the best results and does its job perfectly.

Check how to bevel your hair with this Sam Villa flat iron:


  • Ceramic tourmaline plates.
  • One-inch floating plates.
  • 3 heat settings.
  • Temperature LED indicator.
  • Rounded edges.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Ionic.
  • Automatic one-hour shut-off.
  • Heats up quickly.
  • Ideal for wavy hair and curly hair.


  • A bit pricey.
  • The LED indicator may need improvement.

2- HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron

HSI Professional Glider | Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron.

This is the most affordable hair straightener on the market that comes with many convenient features.

The HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron suits all hair types even thick natural black hair and delivers salon-level results.

Its plates have 8 HeatBalance Micro-sensors which help distribute heat evenly and limit exposure time to heat. Also, It can straighten, flip, or curl hair with fewer passes.

Plus, its plates can smooth bangs and style long and medium hair perfectly. Lastly, the HSI flat iron is ideal for on-the-go styling, and you can take it with you when traveling.


  • Ceramic tourmaline flat iron.
  • One-inch floating plates.
  • HeatBalance Micro-sensors feature.
  • 360° swivel cord.
  • Dual voltage.
  • Ionic.
  • Adjustable temperature settings.
  • Easy to store.
  • Comes with a heat-resistant glove, a travel-size argan oil hair treatment, a style guide for tips, and a silk case.


  • No shut-off option.
  • Some reviewers mentioned that its grip is slightly uncomfortable.

Check how to use it right:

3- FURIDEN Best Tourmaline Flat Iron

FURIDEN Hair Straightener.

This is the best-seller flat iron on Amazon that can straighten and curl hair easily without damaging it.

The FURIDEN Hair Straightener has floating plates with curved edges to give you more control while styling hair and prevent snagging.

In addition to its curved edges, it comes with a 360° swivel cord to adjust itself to the angle you need to achieve the best style ever!

What also makes this flat iron so special is it can heat up in only 15 seconds which will save you time during busy mornings.

It’s the best tourmaline flat iron that you can use to create beautiful curls, beachy waves, or silky straight styles.


  • Ceramic tourmaline plates.
  • Floating plates with curved edges.
  • 4 heat settings.
  • Heats up quickly.
  • Dual voltage.
  • Durable.
  • 360° swivel cord.
  • extra-long cord.
  • Auto shut-off.


  • It may not suit thin fine hair.

4- FHI HEAT Platform Tourmaline Ceramic Styling Flat Iron

FHI HEAT Platform Tourmaline Ceramic Professional Styling Flat Iron.

Do you want to style your dry damaged hair without causing further damage? This high-performance Flat Iron can style your hair perfectly while maintaining its moisture.

It can reduce frizz, seal in moisture, and prevent flyaways. Its plates are made from three layers of baked ceramic infused with tourmaline to support hair health and guarantee the best results.

Plus, this flat iron can help you create loose curls, tight waves, and smooth styles without damaging hair.

It spreads heat evenly and releases negative ions to protect hair and keep it looking healthy and shiny.

Furthermore, this hair straightener is available in 4 different plate sizes so you can choose what your hair really needs.


  • Ceramic tourmaline plates.
  • Floating plates.
  • Durable.
  • High performance.
  • High-speed heat recovery.
  • 12F Swivel cord.
  • Ionic.
  • 1-hour auto shut-off.
  • Adjustable heat settings.
  • Available in 4 different sizes.


  • It has no curved edges which may snag hair.

Watch how to style your hair right with the FHI HEAT flat iron:

5- CHI Expert Classic Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron

CHI Expert Classic Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron.

Looking for a high-quality tourmaline flat iron that suits your tight budget? The CHI Expert Classic Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron is the best one to try!

CHI styling tools are designed by Farouk Shami who is a professional hairstylist which makes them an ideal choice for both beginners and professionals.

This flat iron comes with one-inch floating plates so it can straighten, curl, wave, spiral, or flip effortlessly.

It features negative ions and far infrared technology to help improve hair appearance, smooth strands quickly, reduce static, and combat frizz, leaving hair looking silky and healthy. Plus, it’s a travel-friendly and easy-to-store tool.


  • Ceramic tourmaline iron.
  • Ionic.
  • Far infrared technology.
  • Variable heat settings.
  • One-inch Floating plates.
  • Lightweight.
  • 9ft. swivel cord.
  • Dual voltage.


  • It comes with no temperature indicator.

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Watch how to use it:

6- NuMe Megastar Best Tourmaline Flat Iron

NuMe Megastar Hair Straightener Tourmaline Flat Iron.

If you’re looking for a flat iron that can help you achieve that salon look at home, this one is an excellent choice due to its remarkable technology.

It has a high amount of negative ions and offers far infrared technology which makes it a special tool. It helps protect hair, tame frizz, maintain hair moisture, and reduce damage.

Plus, the ion booster feature heats hair from the inside out gently to help you create long-lasting styles with little to no damage.

The NuMe Megastar Hair Straightener Tourmaline Flat Iron is suitable for all hair types even frizzy damaged ones. And it can create all styles from smooth to curly.

Looking for more info? check my review here: An Honest Review: Does The NuMe Megastar Flat Iron Good?


  • Hair straightener and curling iron in one.
  • Ceramic tourmaline plates.
  • 1-inch floating plates.
  • Floating plates.
  • Negative ions.
  • Far infrared technology.
  • Rotating swivel cord.
  • Versatile.
  • Lasting results.
  • Auto shut-off.
  • Customizable heat settings.
  • Digital temperature display.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to use.


  • None.

What Is Tourmaline Flat Iron?

Tourmaline is a strong material that is used to coat hairstyling tools like flat irons to support hair health and improve its appearance.

This material helps reduce hair damage by releasing negative ions that can prevent dryness, seal in moisture, and reduce frizz and split ends.

Also, a tourmaline flat iron distributes heat evenly which helps straighten hair easily, leaving it looking hydrated, healthy, and with no flyaways. And it works well with all hair types.

Do Tourmaline Flat Irons Suit All Hair Types?

Yes. Tourmaline flat irons are suitable for all hair types especially those with thick or coarse hair as they spread heat evenly, and this can help smoothen hair with fewer passes.

Also, a tourmaline flat iron is a great option for people who have damaged hair or colored hair as it seals in moisture and prevents dryness and frizz.

Plus, it reduces the risk of heat damage as tourmaline decreases the exposure time to heat which will leave hair healthy and shiny.

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How To Pick The Best Tourmaline Flat Iron?

Plate Size

The size of plates is essential as they help you achieve the style you need quickly and effortlessly.

So if you have thick curly hair, you should look for a flat iron with wide plates (1.5-inch to 2-inch). But if your hair is fine or thin, pick a flat iron with narrow plates (1-inch to 1.25-inch) to get the best results.

Heat Settings

It’s highly recommended to choose a flat iron with variable heat settings ranging from high to low so you can adjust the settings easily.

Keep in mind a tourmaline flat iron heat up quickly, it could burn or dry out your hair if you haven’t used it properly. You will need to adjust the temperature to suit your hair type.

If you have fine thin hair, you should not go up 350F. But thick curly hair can withstand a temperature of 450F.

It’s essential to experiment first with your flat iron as everyone’s hair is different.

Auto Shut-Off

The best tourmaline flat iron comes with an auto shut-off mode. If you constantly forget to shut off your hair straightener before going out, this feature will help ease your anxiety and keep your house safe.

Your flat iron will automatically shut off after half an hour or one hour max.


A flat iron with rounded or curved edges can straighten, curl, or even flip hair effortlessly. It’s versatile enough to create the style you desire without pulling or snagging hair. Plus, it gives you long-lasting results!


Look for a flat iron with a dual voltage as it’s more practical and can be used in any part of the world. It’s a cool feature that makes your life easier and saves you money!

Cord Length

It’s best to pick a flat iron with a long swivel cord so you can adjust it easily while styling your hair and make you feel more comfortable.


  1. Is Tourmaline Flat Iron The Best?

    Yes. Tourmaline flat irons are an excellent choice for those with damaged frizzy hair, dyed hair, or thick hair as tourmaline can distribute heat evenly which will help reduce heat damage, combat frizz, keep hair looking moisturized, and increase hair shine.

  2. Which Flat iron Is Better Titanium or Tourmaline?

    A tourmaline flat iron distributes heat more evenly and produces negative ions, this makes it ideal for daily use and suitable for all hair types, from normal to thick coarse hair. As for a titanium flat iron, it operates at high heat which makes it a great option for those with curly thick hair but it may dry out or break hair if used improperly.

  3. Are Expensive Flat Irons Worth It?

    Yes. Professional or expensive flat irons are worth every penny as they provide an even heat distribution which means less heat damage. Plus, they can reduce frizz, prevent flyaways, and leave hair sleek and shiny.

Wrapping Up

Purchasing the best tourmaline flat iron that suits your hair needs can be a little challenging. Luckily, I did my research and curated for you a list of the best tourmaline flat irons with detailed reviews so you can pick the one you like!

So check them out and let me know which one you will get! Plus, let us know your experience if you have tried any of the mentioned flat irons!

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