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24 Best Christmas Gift Baskets for Special Ones On Your List

Do you want to get a holiday present for your parents, coworkers, partner, or friends? Christmas gift baskets are guaranteed to make anyone’s holiday special, especially those who have everything!

Those baskets will definitely ignite Christmas vibes and make them super happy.

Plus, they are mostly pre-packaged or ready-to-deliver which means you don’t need to wrap them!

So, I included in this guide a list of the most thoughtful Christmas gift baskets that are ideal for holidays so you can choose what they like.

Let’s jump straight into it…

Top Christmas Gift Baskets:

1- 24 Days of Christmas Gift Baskets

24 Days of Christmas Gift Baskets
Body and Earth

This exciting 24-day Christmas gift basket includes 2 hand creams, 2 body creams, 2 body oils, 2 bubble baths, 2 shower steamers, 2 shower gels, 2 body scrubs, 2 candles, a Holiday bell, 2 bath salts, 3 bath bombs, and holiday socks.

It literally has everything to pamper them, keep them relaxed, leave their skin glowing and healthy, and embrace Christmas vibes.

They can create an instant spa day at home! Plus, this Christmas gift is also suitable for newlyweds

2- Charcuterie Gift for Christmas

Charcuterie Gift for Christmas
Design It Yourself

This is one of the top Christmas gift baskets for the host/hostess, they’ll absolutely appreciate it!

It includes a cheese board with utensils, cheese, crackers, pretzels, sausage, nuts, chocolates, and more.

It’s ideal for family gatherings during holidays. They can serve those snacks on the cheese board easily and enjoy their holiday, with no effort needed!

3- Christmas Chocolate Basket Sensation

Christmas Chocolate Basket Sensation
Design It Yourself

This overloaded chocolate set is the best holiday present for chocoholics or friend/family gatherings.

It includes hot cocoa, chocolate sprinkles pretzels, cookies, chocolate truffles, peanut butter chocolate clusters, chocolate strawberries, and more.

They will enjoy their holiday and indulge in Christmas vibes even more with hot cocoa and chocolates!

4- Pure Relaxation Spa Gift Basket

Pure Relaxation Spa Gift Basket
Design It Yourself

This is the best relaxing spa set for stressed ones who want to take a break, clear their minds, and loosen their muscles.

It includes tea, honey, slippers, a knit blanket, a massage brush, body lotion, a sponge, and a ceramic mug.

He/she can take a warm bath while drinking tea, use the massage brush or the sponge to gently cleanse the skin, and then moisturize with body lotion.

You will definitely spoil her/him with this relaxing set!

5- Family Game Night Gift for Christmas

Family Game Night Gift for Christmas
Design It Yourself

This is one of the most entertaining gift basket ideas for couples or family/friends gathering.

It includes dominoes, card games, puzzles, gamepads, chocolates, cookies, popcorn, an adult coloring book, and more.

They will have fun, laugh hard, play games, have some high-quality snacks, and clear their minds. I’m sure they will love this fun present!

6- Refreshing Ocean Home Spa Basket

Refreshing Ocean Home Spa Basket
Body and Earth

Are you looking for an affordable gift basket? This ocean home spa set includes shower gel, bubble bath, body lotion, hand cream, massage oil, bath salt, scrub, soap, loofah, and 2 bath bombs. It’s the perfect present!

Your parents, boyfriend, girlfriend, or friend will definitely love this set! The products are made of high-quality and natural ingredients, smell amazing, and are super light and refreshing.

They are the perfect combo for a relaxed body and mind!

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7- Epilynx Makeup Set

Epilynx Makeup Set

This set includes black mascara, liquid eyeliner, moisturizing metallic sunset eyeshadow, and gold eyeshadow palette.

The mascara will thicken and volumize lashes, eyeliner draws the perfect wing, and eyeshadows will make the eyes pop with color.

Plus, they are vegan, cruelty-free, nut-free, hypoallergenic, and gluten-free. This makes this set a safe option for those with sensitive skin or who don’t wanna use products tested on animals!

8- Gourmet Italian Gift Basket

Gourmet Italian Gift Basket
Design It Yourself

Give this Christmas gift basket to those who love cooking premium Italian meals!

It includes penne paste, crackers, mushroom pasta sauce, cheese, olives, sausage, hummus, dried tomatoes, and smoked almonds.

This is a great holiday present for her, parents, or couples. Surely, they’ll thank you for this present!

9- Intense Hydration Repair Gift Basket


Looking for a skincare set that helps nourish and moisturize dry skin deeply? Give this intense hydrating set a try!

It includes nourishing face cream, moisturizing treatment for hand & body, and cooling face milk.

This set is ideal for those with super dry skin, rosacea, psoriasis, and eczema. They’re formulated with shea butter, cocoa butter, vanilla, ceramides, aloe vera, and neem oil.

So, they provide extra moisture for up to 48 hours, restore the skin protective barrier, and relieve irritation and inflammation.

10- “Treat Her” Basket

"treat her" basket
Lucy’s Market

Treat her with this romantic gift basket that will make her feel loved and happy. It includes flowers, chocolates, a candle, and a body buffer. It’s one of the simplest Christmas gift baskets for her!

11- Classic Basket

Classic Basket
Lucy’s Market

This one includes cookies, brownies, popcorn, nuts, and more. It has all the classic snacks they need for a perfect cozy night! They can enjoy those snacks while watching movies, talking with each other, or spending some time with friends!

12- Sugarwish Grand Candy Box

Sugarwish Grand Candy Box

Who doesn’t love candy? This box is one of the most delicious Christmas gift baskets, especially for those with a sweet tooth!

It includes 8 different flavors, you can choose from over 70 modern and classic options. Plus, it comes in a chic gift box and with a printed note card with your message on it.

13- SugarWish XL Cookie Box

SugarWish XL Cookie Box

Christmas is not complete without cookies and hot cocoa, right? Give them this cookie box that includes 12 delicious cookies so they can enjoy them with delicious hot cocoa.

You can choose from 30 different freshly stuffed baked cookies. Plus, there are vegan, gluten-free, and keto options so you can pick what they like and keep them happy!

14- Candle Basket

Candle Basket

Candles ignite Christmas and embrace romantic vibes in the area. This one includes 4 candles of your choice from over 25 amazing scents.

They are eco-friendly and non-toxic. Plus, they keep the area cozy and warm, clear the mind, and leave the house smelling fresh!

15- Popcorn Box

Popcorn Box

Popcorn is a tasty and healthy snack that is a must on every occasion! The SugarWish popcorn box includes 6 freshly popped flavors. They feature 50 gourmet flavors so you can pick any flavor you like.

Plus, it’s a ready-to-deliver present as it comes in a chic gift box, which means no need for wrapping!

16- Grab & Glow Sampler Set

Grab & Glow Sampler Set
Radical SkinCare

This anti-aging set will reduce wrinkles and fine lines, boost skin radiance, keep skin smooth and firm, and leave it looking healthy.

It contains 8 products including an antioxidant serum, youth infusion serum, anti-aging moisturizer, resurfacing serum, and facial oil.

It’s one of the most recommended Christmas gift baskets for those who wanna improve their skin health!

17- Sugarwish Coffee & Tea Deluxe Box

Sugarwish Coffee Deluxe

Let’s give them something special and tasty this Christmas! This coffee & tea box contains 12 delicious and sustainably sourced coffees and teas of your choice and a chic mug.

He/she can drink tea or coffee daily to keep his/her mind clear and enjoy its premium taste. I’m sure they will love it!

18- Noa Kirel Travel Size Hair Styling Box

Noa Kirel Travel Size Hair Styling Box
NuMe Hair

Those travel-size styling tools will style her hair quickly and make it look radiant and shiny in no time.

This set includes a mini hair straightener, mini hair dryer, hair towel, mini curling wand, mini brush, vegan leather bag, diffuser & concentrator, hair clips, and heat-resistant mat and glove.

It literally has what she needs to achieve premium salon-quality styles. They can dry wet hair, straighten strands, create waves and beautiful curls, flip hair, and reduce frizz and damage. Plus, it suits all hair types!

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19- Dried Fruit & Nut Holiday Gift Basket

Dried Fruit & Nut Holiday Gift Basket

Nothing is healthier than nuts and dried fruits, right? They’re the perfect combo for family, friend, or coworker gatherings during holidays!

It includes walnuts, cashews, almonds, white peaches, plums, apricots, pecans, and more. It’s one of the most thoughtful Christmas gift baskets that spares the host/hostess holiday stress!

20- Ultimate Baking Gift Basket

Ultimate Baking Gift Basket
Design It Yourself

Give this ultimate baking set to those who love baking! It includes a cookbook, an apron, measuring cups, a spatula, 2 whisks, a hot pad, sprinkles, and a cupcake kit.

It comes with everything she would probably need to bake delightful sweets! This one is a housewarming present that will make the holiday even cozier!

21- Deck the Dogs Christmas Gift Basket

Deck the Dogs Christmas Gift Basket
Design It Yourself

This is one of the top dog Christmas gift baskets that comes with everything to make their dog feel comfortable and warm.

It includes a blanket, sweet potato dog treats, jelly dog treats, a licking mat, a travel cup, poop bags, and an elephant toy.

I’m sure they will love this thoughtful gift!

22- Let’s Taco-bout it Taco Gift

Let’s Taco-bout it Taco Gift
Design It Yourself

Are they taco lovers? Give them this taco box that includes an award-winning taco seasoning kit, salsa, tortilla chips, salsa bowl, 2 acrylic taco holders, serape coaster, and margarita mix.

It’s a mouthwatering and tasty Mexican snack that will keep them full and happy during this holiday. They will enjoy their tacos at home easily with this present!

23- Tower of Treats

Tower of Treats

Wanna say thank you to someone special in your life? This tower of treats will make her/him super happy for sure!

It includes chocolate-covered pretzels, peanut brittle squares, chocolate-filled truffles, cookies, caramel corn crunch, roasted peanuts, and butter shortbread fingers.

The tower looks just like a Christmas tree to ignite the holiday vibes even more. They will have a great relaxing time while having those delicious treats!

24- Cat Christmas Gift

Cat Christmas Gift
Design It Yourself

If they have a cat, give them this present! This holiday present includes cat treats, a spring toy, a floppy fish toy, a mouse toy, a cat nip toy, a cat kicker, and a scratch pad.

It comes with all the things their cat may want to stay happy and comfortable. This premium present will spare them a lot of time looking for the best pet toys!

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