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9 Surprising Pumpkin Seeds Benefits For Health And Skin

This post was originally published in November 2018. Updated in December 2022.

Pumpkin seeds benefits have been known for centuries as they can improve your overall health due to their powerful properties.

They are packed with fiber, protein, magnesium, potassium, zinc, calcium, and vitamins. Plus, pumpkin seeds contain antioxidants and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Those seeds are delicious and healthy and can boost your immune system and improve your mood.

You can eat them instead of unhealthy fried snacks. But make sure not to eat too much as one ounce of seeds contains about 150 calories.

So, check the top science-based pumpkin seeds benefits for health and skin here:

Top 9 Benefits Of Pumpkin Seeds:

1- Increase Heart Health

9 Surprising Pumpkin Seeds Benefits For Health And Skin

The fiber in pumpkin seeds may help lower cholesterol and high blood pressure, which helps reduce the risk of heart disease.

Pumpkin seeds are also full of antioxidants and fatty acids which may improve your heart health.

A study showed that the consumption of plant seeds lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Another study found that taking pumpkin seed oil supplements for 12 weeks helped increase good cholesterol levels by 16% and reduce diastolic blood pressure in postmenopausal women.

Plus, those seeds may help boost nitric oxide in your body. It increases blood flow and expands blood vessels, and this has positive effects on heart health.

2- May Improve Sleep

A girl is sleeping while holding her puppy

Pumpkin seeds contain a high amount of tryptophan. It is an amino acid that our body converts to the feel-good and relaxation hormone “serotonin”.

People who can’t sleep well always have low levels of serotonin.

You will need to consume around one gram of tryptophan (about 7 ounces of pumpkin seeds) to improve sleep.

Also, pumpkin seeds contain zinc and magnesium which help promote sleep. Studies showed that magnesium supplements can improve sleep quality.

So this can be an effective homemade remedy for insomnia.

3- May Reduce Body Weight

Pumpkin seeds help you maintain a healthy weight as they’re rich in fiber, which takes a longer time to digest and can improve digestive system health.

Pumpkin seeds also make you feel full and satiated, and this will help you eat less and lose weight.

4- Support The Immune System

9 Surprising Pumpkin Seeds Benefits For Health And Skin

Pumpkin seeds are full of antioxidants that help remove unwanted free radicals and reduce inflammation. Those free radicals are responsible for causing serious health problems such as Alzheimer’s and premature aging.

A study showed that pumpkin seed oil can reduce arthritis pain in rats and improve their health.

Pumpkin seed oil is also rich in vitamin E which helps maintain healthy blood vessels and boost your immune system.

5- Fight Diabetes

pumpkin seeds can fight diabetes

A study showed that consumption of food rich in magnesium like pumpkin seeds can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes in both men and women.

Also, several animal studies found that pumpkin seeds, pumpkin juice, and pumpkin powder can lower blood sugar levels.

Plus, pumpkin seeds contain fiber and protein which can slow sugar absorption in the bloodstream and this helps stabilize blood sugar levels. It also reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Another study showed that eating a mixture of pumpkin seeds and flaxseeds helps prevent diabetic complications in adult rats.

6- Improve Skin Health

One of the top health benefits of pumpkin seeds is their ability to boost skin health. They contain squalene which is an antioxidant that protects the skin from UV radiation.

Direct exposure to UV rays can damage your skin and cause skin cancer. Those harmful rays cause also premature aging.

Antioxidants in pumpkin seeds reduce inflammation and keep the skin supple and soft. So, it’s highly recommended to add them to your diet to improve your skin health.

7- Promote Prostate And Urinary Health

9 Surprising Pumpkin Seeds Benefits For Health And Skin

Pumpkin seeds can improve your overall health which helps improve your sexual performance.

They are rich in zinc which may boost sperm quality and increase fertility in men.

Also, pumpkin seed oil can prevent sperm abnormalities in rats and increase sperm count.

A study showed that pumpkin seed oil can be used as alternative medicine. It may treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) if consumed daily for six months.

Another study showed that pumpkin seed oil may treat urinary disorders. And it may also reduce overactive bladder symptoms.

8- Before And After Exercise

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Pumpkin seeds contain:

  • Potassium: It helps to maintain healthy blood pressure and preserve bone health.
  • Zinc: It prevents muscle cramps.
  • Omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids: They can reduce inflammation and improve muscle function and strength.
  • Magnesium: This mineral can boost your performance and keep your muscles flexible.

So, pumpkin seeds can boost your energy levels and improve your performance pre and post-workout.

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9- May Reduce The Risk Of Cancer

Consuming pumpkin seeds is linked to reducing the risk of lung, prostate, stomach, colon, and breast cancer.

A study showed that eating pumpkin seeds is associated with lowering the risk of breast cancer in postmenopausal women.

Another study found that pumpkin seeds could prevent or treat breast cancer.

Other studies showed that pumpkin seeds supplements may reduce the risk of prostate cancer.


  • You can also add them to your meals like salad or pasta. But avoid eating too much-salted pumpkin seeds due to their high sodium levels.
  • Keep the seeds in a cool and dry place. If you don’t store them properly, they’ll go rancid.
  • Buy reasonable quantities and store them in a sealable container.
  • Keep the seeds in the fridge for 6 months and in the pantry for up to 3 months.


  1. What Are The Disadvantages Of Eating Pumpkin Seeds?

    Eating a lot of pumpkin seeds may lead to gas and bloating in some people.

  2. Do Pumpkin Seeds Raise Estrogen?

    Pumpkin seeds and flaxseeds play a major role in promoting estrogen levels and maintaining hormonal balance in women. Add 1-2 tbsp of those seeds to your meals daily.

  3. What Is The Best Way To Eat Pumpkin Seeds?

    You can consume the seeds raw, roasted, or seasoned with salt and pepper.

The Bottom Line

Pumpkin seeds benefits and pumpkin seed oil benefits range from boosting heart health and skin appearance, promoting sleep, and fighting diabetes to improving urinary and prostate health and improving the immune system response.

You can consume it daily to maintain your health and boost your mood.


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