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Are Clean Conscience Reusable Makeup Remover Pads The Best?

The average person can throw more than 730 single-use cotton pads a year if he/she used one in the morning and one at night. Can you imagine the waste, Huge, right?

So how to reduce this waste to save the planet? Well. You can go with reusable cotton pads as you can use them multiple times instead of throwing them in the trash after one use. One of the best options you should consider when buying is the Body Shop Clean Conscience Reusable Makeup Remover Pads.

They are eco-friendly, super gentle on the skin, and remove makeup well, too.

There are also some other sustainable and eco-friendly products you should add to your routine to support the planet including reusable q tips, bamboo makeup tools, and green makeup.

In this article, I will include all the details you wanna know about the Body Shop Clean Conscience Reusable Makeup Remover Pads before buying, in addition to, more FAQs. So, let’s dive deep into it…

What Does The Body Shop Makeup Remover Pads Kit Include?

The Body Shop Make-Up Remover Pads. Amazon

The Body Shop Clean Conscience Reusable Makeup Remover Pads kit includes:

  • 7 reusable soft cotton rounds.
  • One organic cotton laundry bag.

You can use 1-2 pads a day or all of them depending on your skincare and makeup routine.

Each pad is marked with a day of the week so you could have enough pads to use during the week, Nice. right?

Also, you can use the label tag to hang the pads after washing to dry in the air.

What Are The Pros Of Clean Conscience Reusable Makeup Remover Pads?


These reusable makeup remover pads are an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to disposable cotton rounds that increase waste and harm the planet.

You can use them without feeling guilty that you are threatening animals’ lives or affecting the environment’s health.

Gentle Materials

The Clean Conscience Reusable Makeup Remover Pads are made from organic cotton and bamboo which makes them super gentle and soft on the skin.

The Laundry bag that comes with the reusable cotton rounds is made from 100% organic cotton to protect the pads from tearing or snagging when you put them in the washing machine. plus, the packaging is made from paper.


Those reusable makeup remover pads suit all skin types, even sensitive ones, due to their gentle and soft material.

Easy To Use

Apply the desired amount of product to your makeup remover pad and start to wipe your face as you would with single-use cotton rounds. Use another cotton pad if needed.

They can remove all makeup effectively even foundation, waterproof makeup, and nail polish. They will leave your skin fresh and clean.

After cleansing your face, put the cotton round in the laundry bag. Once it’s full, put the laundry bag in the machine wash. Or you can hand wash them quickly after every use.

The Cleaning Process Is Easy

The Clean Conscience Reusable Makeup Remover Pads can be cleaned easily in the machine wash or you can hand wash them.

The two methods are effective and will clean your pads perfectly.

But it could be better if you hand wash them as hand washing helps protect delicate fabrics like cotton and bamboo from getting damaged in the machine wash. And it could increase the longevity of your makeup remover pads.

Here’s how to wash them:

The Machine Wash Method

Put the cotton rounds in the cotton laundry bag and place them in the machine wash with light-colored clothes.

Use gentle detergent that is free of harsh ingredients like chlorine, phthalates, artificial colors, fragrances, and formaldehyde to prevent fabric damage.

This also means not to use stain removers, fabric softener, or bleach as they are harsh on fabrics and will decrease the lifespan of your pads and make them lose their elasticity and absorbency fast.

Plus, those products are not eco-friendly as fabric softener is a petroleum-based product that releases toxins in rivers and it doesn’t biodegrade. And bleach releases toxins all over the place and weakens the fabrics.

Avoid high temperatures as they can cause shrinkage in the fabric.

Wash in cold or warm water but it’s recommended to go with cold water as it’s easy on the fabrics and makes the cotton rounds last longer.

After cleansing, don’t use the dryer and let them air dry. The pads’ size and shape could change if they are put in the dryer.

The Hand Wash Method

Wash them with lukewarm or cool water and a gentle soap bar. Rub the pads gently until there’s no makeup left.

Or soak them in a container filled with lukewarm-cool water and 1-2 drops of gentle detergent for 5-10 minutes if you wear heavy makeup. Then, rub them softly until they are fully clean.

After washing them, squeeze out excess moisture and leave them dry in the air.

Avoid adding too much detergent as it can get on your face and cause irritation and redness.

Still, need more details about the washing process? Check: How To Wash Reusable Cotton Rounds In 7 Quick & Simple Steps


The Body Shop Clean Conscience Reusable Makeup Remover Pads are made from high-quality organic cotton and bamboo which make them last longer and save you money.

They can replace about 500-1000 disposable makeup remover pads which means they can last for more than a year, depending on your use.


All the Body Shop products are PETA-certified and cruelty-free. So you can use this product safely without worrying about animals’ safety.


Each kit costs only $12 and they will last up to 500-1000 washes. This means they will save your money, support the environment, and protect animals’ lives.

Does It Work With Toner Or Nail Polish?

Yes. You can use Body Shop Clean Conscience Reusable Makeup Remover Pads to remove nail polish or apply toner to your face.

But nail polish may leave stains. If you washed and dried them the right way, there would be no stains.

Do Clean Conscience Reusable Makeup Remover Pads Have Cons?

Some reviewers mentioned that the laundry bag size could be a little small as the pads retain some of the product and become slightly bigger in size. The 7 pads may not fit well in the bag, they may not be cleaned well, too.

So you can hand wash them instead or wash only 4-5 pads at a time.

The Body Shop Clean Conscience Reusable Makeup Remover Pads.

You can also try their Luxury Flannel Facial Washcloth to remove facial wash, cleanser, or face mask. Find it on Amazon.


Is It Okay To Use Reusable Cotton Pads?

Yes. It’s okay to use reusable cotton pads as they will save you money, reduce waste, save the planet, and will not disperse easily. If your skin is sensitive, it’s best to perform a patch test first until you find the best material that suits your skin type the most.

What Is The Best Fabric For Reusable Makeup Pads?

The best fabric for reusable makeup remover pads includes organic cotton, bamboo, linen, microfiber, or cotton & bamboo blend.

Wrapping Up

The Body Shop Clean Conscience Reusable Makeup Remover Pads are a great option for you if you want to live more sustainably and protect the planet.

They are made from cotton and bamboo and they can remove makeup quickly and can be cleaned easily. Plus, they are durable and affordable.

So let me know in the comments down below which makeup remover pads you usually use. And do you consider getting those pads?

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