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Best 21+ Belly Button Tattoo Ideas To Choose From & FAQs

Getting a belly button tattoo can be a superb idea if you’re into tattoos or wanna hide scars and other imperfections.

It’s a great way to make the belly button area look more attractive and sexy.

Anyone can get a belly button tattoo, and some women may find getting tattoos on their stomachs after giving birth a brilliant idea.

You can choose the design and the size of the tattoo freely but remember the more complex the design is, the more pain you will experience.

In this article, I  will include the best belly button tattoo ideas, the pros and cons of getting a tattoo, how to maintain it, and more FAQs.

So let’s get started…

Best Belly Button Tattoo Ideas:

cat tattoo on belly button
   1- Cat Belly Button Tattoo 

    Photo credit: Instagram@dearchels
Leaves Around The Belly Button
   2- Leaves Around The Belly Button

   Photo credit: Instagram/
3- Spider Tatto

Photo Credit: Instagram/ @georgiagracetattoos
4- Colorful Flowers Cover The Belly Button Area

Photo Credit: Instagram/ @bethanyriverstattoos
Wolf Tattoo
5- Wolf Tattoo Covers The Stomach Area

Photo Credit: Instagram/ @theillustratedangler
Spider, Crocodile, And Skulls
6- Spider, Crocodile, And Skulls Around The Belly Button

Photo Credit: Instagram/
Owl Tattoo On Stomach
7- Owl Tattoo On Stomach 

Photo Credit: Instagram/ @elysiannoir
Blacked out belly button tattoo
8- Dark Belly Button Tattoo

Photo Credit: Instagram/ @aces_n_spades_north
Fairy Tattoo
9- Fairy Tattoo

Photo Credit: Instagram/ @inksomniatattoocyprus
Unique belly button tattoo
10- Unique Belly Button Tattoo Design

Photo Credit: Instagram/ @mattressfirm.official
Pink Flower Tattoo
11- Pink Lotus Flower Tattoo

Photo Credit: Instagram/ @paulbelcina.tattoos
Belly button ornament
12- Ornament Belly Button Tattoo

Photo Credit: Instagram/ @mollyjanetattoo
Feather Tattoo
13- Feather Tattoo With Birds Flying

Photo Credit: Instagram/ @hellishink
Sun And Moon Tattoo On Stomach
14- Sun And Moon Tattoo On Stomach

Photo Credit: Instagram/ @garrytattoo
Little stars tattoo
15- Stars Tattoo

Photo Credit: Instagram/ @tatt_piercing
3D belly button recreation
16- 3D Belly Button Recreation 

Photo Credit: Instagram/ @sagebeautyaesthetics
Chameleon Tattoo
17- Colorful Chameleon Tattoo Around The Belly Button Area

Photo credit: Instagram/
18- Medusa Tattoo cover the Whole Stomach Area

Photo Credit: Instagram/ @artbymattjoannes
Flowers and Birds tattoo
 19- Birds and Flowers Tattoo

 Photo Credit: Instagram/ @boonzietattoo
palm trees tattoo
20- Palm Trees Tattoo

Photo Credit: Instagram/ @nastia_jakovleva
Flowers and Leaves
21- Flowers and Leaves Tattoo Around The Belly Button

Photo Credit: Instagram/ @keithbucellatatt2
Sunflower and butterfly tattoo
22- Sunflower And Butterfly Tattoo On Stomach

Photo Credit: Instagram/ @mf_inks


Flowers and leaves cover skin imperfections
23- Flowers With Leaves Tattoo On Stomach Before And After

Photo Credit: Pinterest/ @¥åüjjj
Aquawoman Tattoo
24- Mermaid Tattoo 

Photo Credit: Tumblr/ @tattooingsanart/ felipheveiga

What Are The Pros Of Getting A Belly Button Tattoo?

Here are some of the pros of getting a belly button tattoo:

1- You Can Hide It

It’s easy to cover or hide your belly button tattoo whenever you want. So if you don’t feel like showing your tattoo anytime, you can wear a t-shirt.

2- Looks Great

A belly button tattoo can benefit many people, it could make you feel more confident and attractive again, especially if the area is distorted.

Plus, tattoos on the stomach go well with belly button piercing. They complement each other!

3- It Can Be Done Easily

The stomach area is super large which makes it an ideal place to get a large and detailed tattoo design.

You can pick a large design or colorful design that covers the whole area or you can go with a cute small design, It’s totally up to you.

3- Cover Skin Imperfections

Some women may not like how their belly button area looks after undergoing certain surgeries.

But they can improve how the area looks by getting a nice tattoo that covers the whole area.

The belly button area may not look so good after a tummy tuck surgery, emergency C-Sections, or hernia repair surgery.

Also, after giving birth, the area becomes full of stretch marks which could make some women feel anxious.

Some women have pigmentation over this area which could lower their self-esteem badly.

4- Give Your Abs More Definition

If you have nice-looking abs, getting a tattoo on your stomach can add more definition to your abs and make them look more attractive.

What Are The Cons Of Belly Button Tattoo?

1- It’s Permanent

Tattoos on the stomach last a lifetime so If you’re that kind of person who gets bored easily, then getting a tattoo won’t be your best option.

2- It May Be Painful

The procedure could cause some pain but everybody reacts differently, and what causes extreme pain to someone may not hurt you that much.

So it basically depends on your pain threshold. People with a lower pain threshold will definitely feel more pain.

Also, If you have excess skin, you will experience more pain than people who have tight skin on their stomachs.

And if the size of the tattoo is large and the design is comprehensively filled with colors and takes time to be done, you will more likely feel more pain.

3- You May Experience Bleeding

While the artist is drawing the design you’ve chosen, the belly button may bleed due to the use of an electric device with a needle that injects the ink underneath the skin.

4- You May Develop An Infection Or Allergic Reaction

The belly button area may get infected if you don’t follow a proper aftercare routine or if the artist is not using sanitized tools or performing the procedure in a clean place.

Your body may also react to dyes badly so you should perform a patch test first before the procedure.

5- It May Get Distorted Over Time

Your tattoo may become distorted after some time especially when you gain or lose weight.

6- It Takes Some Time

The procedure could take up to 4 hours or even more if you want to get a detailed and colorful tattoo design.

Plus, stomach tattoos may look best on people with flat stomachs or defined abs.

What Do You Need To Know Before The Procedure?

Best 21+ Belly Button Tattoo Ideas To Choose From & FAQs

Your tattoo lasts for a long time, so consider the following points before getting it:

  • Choose the design wisely. Find what you really like and check as many designs as you can before the procedure so you won’t regret it later.
  • If you undergo tummy tuck surgery after getting the tattoo, your tattoo may completely disappear.
  • If you get pregnant, your tattoo may become distorted.

How To Maintain Your Stomach Tattoo?

After getting your tattoo:

You must follow the aftercare routine as instructed. You will need to use antibacterial soap and moisturizing cream to keep the area clean and moisturized.

Also, you should not wear tight clothing as this can irritate the area. And avoid picking at scabs or your tattoo won’t heal properly.

To keep your tattoo from fading:

  • Follow the aftercare routine.
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight without protection as this can speed up color fading.
  • Avoid over-cleansing the area.
  • Don’t over-exfoliate the area.
  • Don’t rub the area roughly.
  • Pick gentle and mild cleansing products.


  1. Are Stomach Tattoos A Good Idea?

    The belly button area is one the most recommended spots for tattoos as you can draw whatever you want even if it’s a large tattoo design. Also, stomach tattoos for women and men can be a great option especially if they wanna hide scars, stretch marks, and other imperfections.

  2. Are Stomach Tattoos Painful?

    Stomach tattoos can be painful but everyone is different. The amount of pain depends on your body weight, the tattoo design, the size of the tattoo, and your pain threshold.

  3. Do Stomach Tattoos Stretch During Pregnancy?

    During pregnancy, your skin stretches, and the tattoo around the mid-section, waist, and pelvis will stretch too! Weight gain and pregnancy are the most factors that impact the look of your tattoo on the belly button area.

  4. How Much Is A Stomach Tattoo?

    The cost depends on the size of the tattoo, your location, and the time the artist needs to complete it. Usually, a medium or small-sized belly button tattoo costs you $100-$500. But if you want to get a large tattoo covering the stomach area, this ranges anywhere from $500-$4000.

  5. Where Is The Least Painful Place To Get A Tattoo?

    Spots that cause the least amount of pain when getting a tattoo are the forearm, upper and lower back, upper outer thigh, outer shoulders, calves, and outer bicep.
    Those spots are padded with fat, aren’t too close to bones, have tighter skin, and have fewer nerve endings which will help cause low to moderate pain.

Wrapping Up

Getting a belly button tattoo that lasts a lifetime could be tricky but if you choose the design carefully and protect the tattoo from fading, you won’t regret it. It can cover some skin imperfections or add more definition to the area.

Check out the best belly button tattoo ideas and let me know which one you wanna get?


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