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How To Use Bronzer Like Attractive Hollywood Celebrities

Makeup can add a natural glow to your face if you apply it correctly. Makeup enhances also your features and makes you feel more confident. The bronzer has become more popular nowadays as makeup artists recommend using it. So how to use bronzer properly? Find out in a bit!

Bronzer is a makeup product that can add warmth to your face. It also makes your skin look healthier. And it helps you create a natural sun-kissed look.

Applying too much to your face can make it look orange. So you should learn how to use bronzer properly. Also, choosing the wrong shade makes your face doesn’t match your body.

Choosing the best brush to apply bronzer is also important. Using the right brush helps you to add a natural-looking glow to your face.

How To Choose The Right Shade

We use bronzer to add warmth to our face as it creates a sun-kissed look. To create this look, bronzer should be 1-2 shades darker than your skin tone.

Before buying it, test the shade on your hand to make sure it adds glow and warmth to your skin. If it doesn’t, don’t buy it as this shade doesn’t fit your skin.

Choosing the right shade depends also on your skin tone. If your skin tone is olive to dark, choose a bronzer with orange tones. Fair-skinned people can use a honey-colored bronzer.

It’s not often easy to determine which shade suits you. If the shade is too light, it makes you look pale. And if it’s too dark, your skin looks muddy.

The Best Makeup Brush To Use

Large fluffy makeup brush with a rounded head

After choosing the right shade that suits your skin tone, it’s time to choose the best brush. So you should choose a large fluffy brush with a rounded head. This brush helps you create a natural look without causing blotches.

Don’t dip the brush into the middle of the container. This makes you apply too much bronzer to your face in one spot. And you’ll end up looking fake.

So swirl the brush in the container so you can distribute the product evenly over the face.


Use a soft brush if you want your face to look more natural. Or use a firm brush to add more definition and glow to your face.

How To Use Bronzer Properly

A beautiful lady wears makeup

Before putting on bronzer, wash your face with your usual cleanser and water. Then apply a good moisturizer to keep your face hydrated. Don’t forget to use sunscreen if you’re going out in the morning.

After that apply concealer to your face to cover scars, dark spots, and dark circles. Then apply foundation all over your face.

After blending the foundation well, apply the bronzer to your face. But DON’T put it all over your face.

You should apply it in the shape of number “3” from the top of your face to the bottom. This means you should start applying it to your forehead, then to cheekbones, and jawline.

Blend the bronzer well in circular motions. Make sure you blend it smoothly to avoid any unnatural lines.

After blending, if you can see some harsh lines, use a translucent powder to cover them. Translucent powder helps you to get rid of these lines.

You can complete the look by applying bronzer to your neck. Also, apply it to the tip of your chin and the bridge of your nose. But don’t apply too much, just slightly brush those areas of your face.

Use blush after applying the bronzer to add a rosy glow to your face. To finish the look, spray the face with your favorite setting spray.

Other Uses

All makeup products have multiple uses. Bronzer warms your skin and adds definition to your face. But also it can be used as a blush. Or you can use it to contour your body.

How To Use Bronzer & How To Choose The Right Shade


Instead of using the usual shades of blush, apply light shades of bronzer to your cheeks.

You can also apply bronzer to your cheekbones then apply blush. So first use the brush to create a thin line of bronzer then apply the blush. This makes your cheekbones look higher.

Summer Body

It’s summer and you want your body to look perfect so you could wear anything you like. If you have some belly fat, you can use bronzer and apply it to your belly. So when you go out, your tummy looks flatter. Remember not to wear light-colored clothes if you’re going to apply it to your tummy.


It’s recommended to buy a liquid cream bronzer if your skin is dry. Liquid cream one can moisturize your skin. And it suits your skin type more.

But if you’re skin is oily, get a powder bronzer. If you used a creamy one, it could make your skin more oily. But the powder helps absorb excess oils. That’s why it suits oily skin.

Now you learn how to choose the right shade, brush, and formula So you can apply bronzer like a pro.


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