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How To Clean Dyson Airwrap Filter In 6 Quick Steps

There’s no doubt the Dyson Airwrap styler is one of the most recommended hairstyling tools by professional hairstylists, celebrities, and even customers. It has a powerful performance and unique features that can style hair perfectly without damaging it. Plus, it’s one of the best quiet hair stylers and it suits all hair types even black hair. But we all know it’s pretty pricey so you need to be extra careful while using or cleaning it. So the question is: how to clean Dyson Airwrap Filter properly without causing damage to it? It’s a pretty simple and easy process.

In this article, I will include the most recommended steps on how to clean the Dyson Airwrap filter, how often you should clean it, how to clean the attachments, and more FAQs.

How To Clean Dyson Airwrap Filter Correctly?

The process of cleaning the filter is simple and won’t require any special tools to be done. Here’s what you should do:

Step One: Make sure the styling tool is turned off and unplugged from the electrical outlet. Allow it to cool down if you’re using it and remove any attachments before cleaning the filter.

Step Two: Use the filter cleaning brush to dislodge any hair and get rid of debris by sliding the brush over the filter cage. Then, rotate the cleaning brush a few times to clean the filter well.

Step Three: Remove the filter cage by pulling it downwards onto the cable then pull open the filter cage gently and slide it off the cable.

Step Four: Run the filter cage under warm water to remove dust, dirt, and other debris. Then, tap the filter cage to remove excess water and let it air dry.

Step Five: Use the filter cleaning brush again to clean the area under the filter cage by rotating it several times.

Step Six: Place the filter cage back. If you don’t put the filter cage back right, the Dyson Airwrap styler will not turn on. So how to know it’s correctly put in its place? You’ll hear a snap, this means it’s reattached to the styling tool perfectly.

Need more info? Check out the official video that Dyson uploaded on Youtube for additional guidelines:

How to clean your Dyson Airwrap™ styler’s filter

How Often Should I Clean My Dyson Airwrap?

After knowing the best steps on how to clean Dyson Airwrap filter, you must be asking yourself when it’s the right time to clean it, right? The correct answer to this question depends on some factors including how thick your hair is, how many times you use it, and whether it’s for single use or not.

Usually, it’s recommended to clean the filter once a month or when the three white LEDs flash frequently.

Also, you should clean your styler when it causes noisy sounds as this could mean the filter is clogged. Or when you have not cleaned the filter for a long time or it takes more time than usual to style your hair.

Plus, it’s best to clean your hairstyling tool filter if you feel something is blocking the airflow.

Make sure the Dyson Airwrap filter is clean or the Airwrap styler will not do its job properly.

How To Clean The Dyson Airwrap’s Attachments?

How To Clean Dyson Airwrap Filter In 6 Quick Steps
Dyson Airwrap

The Dyson Airwrap comes with many attachments (brushes and barrels) that are designed to make hairstyling easier. They can literally do anything, they will help you create curls or natural-looking waves or straighten your hair in no time.

How To Clean The Brushes?

Like regular hair brushes, use your fingers to pull out hair strands caught in the bristles to keep them clean so they can do their job perfectly.

How To Clean The Barrels?

Remove the barrel from the Airwrap styler and use a damp soft cloth to get rid of any hair product and other residues successfully. Remember to clean each barrel on all sides in an up-and-down motion.

Let the barrel dry naturally and don’t use or reattach it until it’s fully dry.


  1. Is Dyson Airwrap Damaging?

    No. It’s Not damaging. The Dyson AirWrap styler is one of the best styling tools that features the latest technologies to style hair perfectly with little to no damage. It’s the safest choice that will keep your hair healthy.

  2. Can I Use Dyson Airwrap Every Day?

    The Dyson AirWrap is gentle and safe on your hair but it’s best to use it every other day especially if you have fine hair or heat-damaged hair. Also, it doesn’t heat up over 302 °F- 150 °C which makes it a great option for all hair types.

  3. Is Dyson Airwrap Worth Buying?

    Yes. The Dyson Airwrap is worth every penny as it features advanced technology and comes with upgraded attachments to give your hair a salon finish effortlessly without causing damage to your hair.

  4. Why Does My Dyson Airwrap Keep Stopping?

    If the Dyson Airwrap styler is overheating, it will shut down and you will have to let it cool down before using it again. And if the styling tool is not plugged in correctly, it will not work. You can also check with customer support if neither of those reasons is causing the Dyson Airwrap to stop.

Wrapping Up

After checking the most recommended and accurate steps on how to clean Dyson Airwrap filter, I think it’s easy to follow those steps to keep your hairstyling tool always clean for optimal results. Let me know in the comments down below what you think!


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